The hope of North America at MSI 2022: Evil Geniuses

The champions of NA made their way to the Rumble stage at MSI 2022 as Evil Geniuses are looking to achieve their first international success. Although it is significantly hard, we have seen NA make MSI finals twice before, and it isn’t impossible for EG to take it one step further. Let’s find out if they have what it takes to go all the way.

Evil Geniuses’ roster is a mixture of the best ingredients for success. They have two rookies with little experience but great skill, they have two experienced players on top lane and support, and they have an incredibly skilled superstar in the jungle. That didn’t look like it was enough to win LCS, but Peter Dun somehow managed to make it work.

EG owns North America

It all started with Lock In. Demonstrating a great performance, EG had a good result at LCS’ pre-tournament Lock In, but they were defeated by TL 3-0 in the grand final. It split the fans into two factions, those who thought EG had a great result, and those who thought that EG’s success was a fluke.

Their fluctuating performance in the regular season made it look like the second side was right. However, after getting thrown into the losers bracket, EG had nothing to lose. First, they defeated FlyQuest 3-1, then they defeated C9, TL and finally 100 Thieves 3-0 to finish the job. For the first time in their history, EG was representing North America internationally.

Group stage didn’t go too well for them, important pieces from their roster were coming to such a tournament for the first time in their career. G2 Esports’ relatively more experienced trio thrived while EG had problems playing against them. Still, they defeated ORDER four times to advance to Rumble Stage.

What to expect from EG?

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Looking at the players, Inspired is definitely the biggest name, sorry Impact and Vulcan. The amazing jungler couldn’t win a trophy during his spell at Rogue and won LCS on his first split here at EG. He should be motivated to achieve more. He has the most versatile champion pool, greatest KDA and kill participation in EG, he proves he was worthy of the investment EG made on him.

jojopyun is a rookie, playing his first professional split. He also showed that he is capable of playing any role his team needs, playing Ryze, Viktor and TF the most. jojopyun is a very important piece of the team, especially because how he fits their coach Peter Dun’s style. He just needs more confidence at this level of the game and show-up better during Rumble Stage.

Danny made a name for himself with his pentakills during the LCS playoffs, but he also started out silently during the MSI 2022. Hopefully, he will also get better, as his situation is similar to that of jojopyun.

Vulcan, the superstar support, is no stranger to such victories. However, he didn’t have the best luck at international tournaments. He will be the engaging support or the enchanter, as per the situation, and the only thing he would want is for his team to make top four at Rumble Stage. Keep an eye on him.


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Let’s put Impact into the spotlight. A long career as a great top laner who turned into a more of a weak side player while his team does the job of carrying. Worlds Season 3 champion has been missing the international stage, and he has been showing that during the group stage. Although his team limped, Impact kept himself steady.

His last showing was Worlds 2020, where he couldn’t make it out of groups, just like Worlds 2019. However, he was part of the Team Liquid squad that made it to finals in 2019, where they were beaten by G2 in the fastest best of five in an international tournament ever. Facing G2 should be extra motivating for Impact as he couldn’t get a win for his team in group stage, but Rumble Stage might be different.

EG’s games at MSI 2022 Rumble Stage

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Evil Geniuses will be participating in the Rumble Stage and will aim to first get on top of Saigon Buffalo and PSG Talon before trying to take down G2, T1 or RNG. Check out their schedule below:

May 20, Friday
Evil Geniuses (6.60) vs RNG (1.08) - 11:00 CEST
Saigon Buffalo (2.25) vs Evil Geniuses (1.58) - 14:00 CEST

May 21, Saturday
G2 Esports (1.42) vs Evil Geniuses (2.60) - 10:00 CEST
PSG Talon (2.15) vs Evil Geniuses (1.62) - 13:00 CEST

May 22, Sunday
Evil Geniuses (5.80) vs T1 (1.10) - 10:00 CEST
Evil Geniuses vs Saigon Buffalo - 15:00 CEST

May 23, Monday
T1 vs Evil Geniuses - 11:00 CEST
RNG vs Evil Geniuses - 15:00 CEST

May 24, Tuesday
Evil Geniuses vs PSG Talon - 09:00 CEST
Evil Geniuses vs G2 Esports - 12:00 CEST

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