The grand final is T1 vs Gen.G at LCK 2022 Spring Playoffs

After an incredible weekend in South Korea, the finals of arguably the best league in the world is set: the 18-0 T1 will face the super team Gen.G. If you missed the semifinals, you should at least check out DWG KIA vs Gen.G, as it was one of the best BO5 series in the recent history, one that could outclass international games.

T1 found an easy victory against Kwangdong Freecs earlier, but that was not the case for Gen.G. DK is definitely not the DK we know from last year and even a portion of DWG KIA’s glory was enough to take GEN to five games. Before having a look at the schedule and betting odds for the grand final, we have gathered the results of the semifinals for your ease.

The semifinals

T1’s undefeated five took on Kwangdong Freecs, dubbed T2 because of the number of ex-T1 players in their roster. Aside from giving Xayah to Gumayusi, a champion that found a significant place in meta instead of a hyper carry like Jinx, T1’s picks for the first game was nothing special. It was the T1 we saw from the regular season. In 27 minutes, T1 secured the 13-3 victory.

Following that, we saw a good engaging comp from T1 with Oner playing Nocturne and Faker on Vex. They easily dismantled KDF in 21 minutes, with a score of 19-4. KDF was able to strike back in the third game but in vain, as Oner and Gumayusi had no intentions of dropping even a single game this series, closing it 3-0.

We then moved on to DWG KIA vs Gen.G. Chovy’s 6-0 Ryze wasn’t enough to carry his team to victory in a 10-10 game, while deokdam carried his team on his shoulders with a great Ziggs performance, and it ended so close that this game alone could change the entirety of the series.

Following that, Gen.G tied the series in a convincing fashion, and Burdol, DWG KIA’s main option in the top lane during regular season, got changed with Hoya after a 1-7 Malphite performance. However, changing Burdol wasn’t just a quick decision, it was a plan, and that proved by DK’s performance. Giving him Camille, DK was able to outclass Doran and bring in another threat from the top lane, making the series 2-1.

Chovy’s Corki and Peanut’s Volibear were able to bring another win to GEN side, while Hoya again played Camille successfully. The fifth game saw Canyon bullying Peanut immensely in the early game and DWG KIA being so close to ending it all even before Baron Nashor’s spawn. However, after a few mistakes during the mid game, DWG KIA threw away their advantage and Gen.G was able to finish it thanks to Ruler and Chovy’s incredible performance.

T1 vs Gen.G

The grand final of LCK 2022 Spring Playoffs will be played this weekend:

T1 (1.28) vs Gen.G (3.40) - Saturday, April 2 at 10:00 CET

This match is awaited by every single fan watching LCK this year. The record-breaking T1 roster with their 18-0 record haven’t faced Gen.G’s full roster a single time this year, thus, this series will be the breaking point. From this point on, we will have the answer for the questions that are left unanswered: Is T1 that good? Is Gen.G that good?

Aside from two losses against T1, Gen.G was able to defeat everyone without fielding their full roster, except for KT Rolster who defeated GEN with all five members present. Thus, Gen.G didn’t have such a perfect season. However, T1 had a lot of rivals that missed some of their best players due to Covid-19 and regulations in Korea. So it’s their chance to prove they are the best team in the world, and it wasn’t a fluke.

T1 is heavily favored here, as they looked even smoother against Kwangdong Freecs who defeated DRX in the quarterfinals. Although it was a bit dirty, Gen.G also managed to go through the monster DWG KIA and Canyon. Both teams have strong weapons, it’s just that T1 has been so good all year long, that they are expected to win this one easily.

You still should keep in mind that Gen.G could steal one or two games, and even hijack the series. Both these teams are contenders for Worlds championship, one side has incredible players like Zeus, Oner, Gumayusi, and the best support in the world, Keria, while the other has Doran, Peanut, Ruler and Lehends. Aside from Ruler, you don’t even have to mention the impact of having Faker and Chovy in this series.

T1 is the favourite, and logic says they should win 3-0 against a Gen.G that struggled against DK, but LoL doesn’t always work out that way. In any case, don’t miss the games, come online and watch it, and that is the best advice anyone can give you.

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