The first phase of Group A is over at Worlds 2022

Worlds 2022 Group Stage is on fire, and we are getting to the end of the first phase with tonight’s matches. Group A is the first group to finish the first phase, three games for each team are already played, and they will now use this extra day to polish their strategies for the second phase, where the rematches will be played.

We already mentioned how high the level of competition is at Worlds 2022, one of the best in history. That is proved by the first results, even though there are two 2-0 teams right now, we can’t say for sure that there is a perfect team at Worlds so far. Three teams are 2-1 at Group A, fueling the excitement and drama.

Groups so far

In Group A, North America’s champion Cloud9 started poorly as the first seed of their region. When C9 is so bad, the other teams follow the trend, and NA is 0-7 at Worlds so far. Cloud9 started with a disappointing loss against Fnatic, the only game in their group where C9 was the favourites.

Fnatic continued to impress by defeating T1 as well, but EDward Gaming finished their streak on the last day and tied for first place. As T1 also stomped C9 and EDG, three teams are tied for first place in Group A with scores of 2-1. We will have to wait and see what will happen in that group.

Group B went as expected so far except Evil Geniuses looked heavily outclassed against G2 and JDG, and DWG KIA are so much better than we expected. The game between DWG KIA and JD Gaming was easily the best match at Worlds 2022 so far. Make sure to watch the highlights below.

The dynamic of the group seemed like JDG>DK>G2>EG, and the results point that out too. However, seeing how DWG KIA was able to force JD Gaming so much makes me wonder what’s going to happen in the second phase of the group stage.

Group C is dominated by Rogue so far: the European champion was considered as strong as DRX but managed to exceed expectations. They defeated DRX with ease and continued with a strong win against GAM Esports. The group leader will be decided by the game between Rogue and Top Esports tonight, but I must say that Rogue has the advantage.

It’s because of how TES looked against DRX. LCK #4, a play-in team managed to outclass Top Esports, one of the best teams in the LPL and took the win. Still, if TES manages to defeat Rogue, we see another three-way tie in Group C.

Finally, Group D is defined by Gen.G disappointment. The tournament favourite Gen.G started with a heart breaking loss against RNG, and they didn’t look untouchable against 100 Thieves either. They will have to adapt to the change of meta before they get eliminated by an underdog at playoffs.

Royal Never Give Up used the advantage of being warmed up at play-ins, and they already have a strong lead to make it to the playoffs. They will only have to make sure they don’t drop a game against 100 Thieves or CTBC Flying Oyster. Between CFO and 100, CFO is definitely the better team after their first match, as 100 Thieves couldn’t compete at all.

Schedule for the night

Check out the schedule below:

Monday, October 10
JD Gaming (1.22) vs G2 Esports (3.80) - 23:00 CEST

I would like to say there was a chance for G2 to steal one against JDG, but they didn’t look like they have it in them in their first two games. JDG should finish the first phase 3-0, and G2 will work hard to come back better.

Tuesday, October 11
Rogue (3.10) vs Top Esports (1.32) - 00:00 CEST

Another incredible match, and this time, the odds are even in my opinion. Rogue not only broke the championship curse but also the international, and the confidence enough could get them the win today.

DWG KIA (1.13) vs Evil Geniuses (5.30) - 01:00 CEST
100 Thieves (5.50) vs Royal Never Give Up (1.12) - 02:00 CEST
Gen.G (1.02) vs CTBC Flying Oyster (10.00) - 03:00 CEST
GAM Esports (3.80) vs DRX (1.22) - 04:00 CEST

The rest of the games doesn’t look as interesting: DWG KIA are clear favourites, so are RNG and DRX. CTBC Flying Oyster has a very little chance of upset since Gen.G doesn’t look too clean, but that should be a GEN win as well.

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