LEC 2022 Spring Playoffs: Finals are coming

After a terrific weekend, the race for the LEC 2022 Spring Grand Final is on fire. G2 Esports managed to make their way to the lower bracket final, where they would face Fnatic a second time. As the first finalist, Rogue is waiting for their opponent which will face them this Sunday.

After getting defeated by Fnatic in the first round, G2’s journey looked doomed, they would have to go through two strong best-of-fives in one weekend. However, caPs and his friends managed to secure a 6-0 weekend, finding a place in the final phase of LEC 2022 Spring Playoffs. Let’s have a look at the games and the schedule for the last chapter.

G2 Esports vs Team Vitality

On Friday, two ex-best friends clashed: after a long time, we saw a caPs vs Perkz in the mid lane. Vitality had a good start, and G2 even looked like they were losing this one. However, as the time passed, G2’s teamfight comp proved to be superior. After a strong Baron Nashor fight, G2 closed out the game.

The second game saw a counterpick we missed a lot. BrokenBlade picked Jax against Alphari’s Camille, and he had three solo kills in roughly ten minutes. Thanks to Perkz’s good Ahri performance, Vitality was able to strike back, but G2 kept on overwhelming the enemy, finishing the game in 29 minutes.

If you are looking for the best game to watch a single game from this series, check out this one. A 47 minutes long back-to-forth game was won by G2 Esports, they were able to keep their heads inside the game and especially Flakked deserves praise, playing a 6-0-4 Jinx despite all the chaos. Check out the highlights of the match below.

Fnatic vs Rogue

Although they were ahead during the regular season, Rogue couldn’t convince anyone that they were the clear favourite here, and the first game showed why that happened. Fnatic was able to outclass Rogue with a strong Xayah show-up from Upset, but Malrang tried hard, so hard that he was about to win the game for his team. However, Lee Sin had limits, and although they were behind in score, Fnatic took game one.

The following game was a lot better for the FNC side. Using the pressure from Wunder’s GP and Razork’s Volibear, both mid and the Caitlyn in the bot were able to outscale the enemies, resulting in an easy win with their classic style.

However, Rogue came back in the series. Although Upset was 4-1-5 on Jinx, Larssen took responsibility, played an amazing 9-1-7 Sylas and held hands with Malrang to help his Aphelios carry. We saw an even bigger stomp the next game, the 26-2 win where Larssen played another Sylas with 10-1-10 while Humanoid was 0-8-1 on Twisted Fate.

After such a loss, it was hard for Fnatic to deny the reverse sweep. It wasn’t that big of a difference this time, but Comp’s Aphelios was immensely fed, and a 14-6 in 24 minutes sealed the deal for Rogue.

Image via Riot Games

G2 Esports vs Misfits Gaming

Having defeated Vitality 3-0 recently, G2 Esports found a great morale boost. Of course, they used that advantage, even though they actually had a disadvantage against Misfits as they had to play two games in one week. The first game was a solid victory for G2 as they were able to outclass every single player from Misfits side in 34 minutes.

Following that, BrokenBlade played yet another Jax against a Camille pick, destroying the game and ending up 7-0-9. With Jankos 7-2-10 and Flakked 9-0-12, all caPs had to do was do what he was told to do: stop LeBlanc with his Lissandra. In 27 minutes, it was 2-0 already.

While everyone was wondering if MSF could come back on the third game just like Rogue, they weren’t showing any life signs like RGE did. It wasn’t as bad as the first two games, but it was faster, caPs played Cassiopeia to stop Vetheo’s Sylas, and G2 defeated MSF in 24 minutes.

Image via Riot Games

LEC 2022 Spring Playoffs schedule

After a 6-0 weekend and a fast series against Misfits, G2 booked their place for this weekend, however, they will have strong opposition before the grand final. Check out the schedule below:

Saturday, April 9
Fnatic (1.55) vs G2 Esports (2.30) - 17:00 CEST

Sunday, April 10
Rogue vs FNC/G2 - 17:00 CEST

Obviously, Fnatic has a big advantage over G2 Esports in  the semifinals/lower bracket finals. Fnatic has had a better season overall, and they have a better chance of winning it since they defeated G2 3-1 earlier in the playoffs and it wasn’t even close. G2 obviously has a chance to pull an upset, as they are motivated after the 6-0 weekend.

And when the winner is decided, they would have to go through the titans that are Rogue. After defeating Fnatic in the semifinals, Rogue has more confidence than ever. They will come strong and will fight hard to get the championship this time.

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