The end with a super week: LEC 2022 Spring Week 8 schedule and betting odds

LEC 2022 Spring is coming to an end with the super week, and we have quite the story. Last year’s champions MAD Lions have less than a 3% chance of qualifying for the playoffs while Astralis and Team BDS are out. Although it is a super week, it looks like we won’t have to wait for long, as the first day’s matches will lock the playoffs spots.

Rogue, Fnatic, G2 and Misfits are already locked in for the playoffs, but the competition is still alive for better spots. G2 has the worst position of all with 9 wins, while Rogue has 12. This means G2 still has the ability to catch up to Rogue, especially by winning their last game. The fifth and sixth places will start from the loser’s bracket, but the top four will want to leave those spots to Excel and Vitality.

LEC 2022 Spring Week 7 recap

The seventh week started with the defending champions disappointing their fans. MAD Lions played a very important match for them with Excel, as XL was one of their opponents in the playoffs race. However, in 26 minutes with a score of 17-5, XL demolished MAD Lions.

Team BDS took down Astralis and killed their microscopic chances of making the playoffs following that. Team Vitality pulled a comeback against SK Gaming, where they were behind in scores but ahead in gold in the end. They should thank Alphari’s Gangplank for that one. Fnatic stomped Rogue with 15-4, with three of those scores being Hylissang’s deaths.

On the last game of the day, G2 Esports was defeated by Misfits, and lost their place. Vetheo played a 16-2 Akali, a very rare occurrence in pro play. G2 were close to winning that one, they were hitting the nexus at some point while MSF took only one turret throughout the game, however, following several throws at MSF’s nexus, G2 lost their tempo and advantages.

The following day saw Team Vitality defeating the rising star of LEC, Misfits. Vetheo played another great game, but it wasn’t enough to carry his team this time. Astralis took a win that meant nothing for them, but so much for SK Gaming, probably ending their playoff chances, although not mathematically. Rogue followed by stomping Excel, and G2 took an easy win against Team BDS.

MAD Lions’ fate would be decided on the last game of the week, and unfortunately, MAD wasn’t ready for such a challenge. Fnatic easily overpowered MAD and defeated them in every single way possible, by being a better team. With this result, making it to the playoffs is out of MAD’s hands, instead, their rivals should make lots of mistakes for MAD to qualify.

LEC 2022 Spring Week 8 schedule and betting odds

Check out the schedule for the next week below:

Friday, 4 March
SK Gaming (4.20) vs Rogue (1.20) - 18:00 CET
Misfits Gaming (1.22) vs Astralis (3.80) - 19:00 CET
Team Vitality (1.45) vs MAD Lions (2.50) - 20:00 CET
G2 Esports (1.58) vs Excel Esports (2.25) - 21:00 CET
Team BDS (4.20) vs Fnatic (1.20) - 22:00 CET

Saturday, 5 March
SK Gaming (2.40) vs Excel Esports (1.50) - 17:00 CET
MAD Lions (1.42) vs Astralis (2.60) - 18:00 CET
Team BDS (4.20) vs Rogue (1.20) - 19:00 CET
Misfits Gaming (2.25) vs Fnatic (1.58) - 20:00 CET
Team Vitality (1.62) vs G2 Esports (2.15) - 21:00 CET

Sunday, 6 March
SK Gaming (3.10) vs Misfits Gaming (1.32) - 17:00 CET
Team Vitality (1.26) vs Astralis (3.50) - 18:00 CET
Team BDS (2.35) vs MAD Lions (1.52) - 19:00 CET
Fnatic (1.42) vs Excel Esports (2.70) - 20:00 CET
Rogue (1.45) vs G2 Esports (2.50) - 21:00 CET

Let’s start with MAD Lions. In order to make the playoffs, MAD needs to win their game against VIT, and then flawlessly go through their following weaker opponents. They will then wait for Excel or Vitality to go 0-3, and the biggest candidate for that is Excel, as they are playing with G2, SK and Fnatic.

The important matches of the week definitely starts with Team Vitality, none of them were able to lock in for the playoffs but Vitality are so close, and MAD Lions are so far away now. Following that, G2 will face Mikyx’s Excel, which should be an amazing series, as XL wants to lock in for the playoffs without struggle. Also, if XL defeats G2, they might catch up and finish the regular season in a better spot.

On the second day, Misfits Gaming will face Fnatic. Misfits has one of the best forms in the league, while Fnatic looks like one of the most solid teams. Following that, super team (which went wrong) Team Vitality will face G2 Esports. A better place in the playoffs will probably be at stake here, and you should keep your eyes on that one.

On Sunday, the regular season of LEC 2022 Spring will end. SK Gaming will face Misfits for their last chance, but those chances are too low. Fnatic will be the last opponent of XL in the playoffs run, and if Excel finds a win here, that could also affect Fnatic’s chances of getting a better spot for the playoffs. However, FNC is definitely the better team here, although there is room for surprises.

Rogue will then fight G2, and if RGE has a bad week while G2 has a super one, this series could mean a lot for G2. Still, for G2’s newbie team, Rogue is a tough challenge.

LEC 2022 Spring standings

Check out the standings before the last week of LEC:

Placements Teams Scores Playoffs
1 Rogue 12-3 Locked
2 Fnatic 11-4 Locked
3 Misfits Gaming 10-5 Locked
4 G2 Esports 9-6 Locked
5 Excel Esports 8-7 Not Locked
5 Team Vitality 8-7 Not Locked
7 MAD Lions 5-10 Not Locked
7 SK Gaming 5-10 Not Locked
9 Team BDS 4-11 Out
10 Astralis 3-12 Out


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