The clutch minister: Xyp9x

In the past, as now, people generally have titles that depend on their abilities or the things they are known for. Andreas "Xyp9x" Højsleth is famous for his high success rate with clutches and is known by the community as the clutch minister.

Xyp9x has been an active CS:GO player since 2011. Up until this point, he has played a big part in the history of CS:GO esports. Let us take a look at the titles, awards and tournaments Xyp9x has won in his illustrious career.

First years: Fnatic

Xyp9x was a part of Fnatic in 2011. For a young player, it's fair to say he had a good start to his early career. When he joined ESL Major Series One - Spring 2013, the team played in the Grand Final, losing to NiP. He played three games in the group stage and received an overall rating of 1.06.

Credit: ESL Gaming GmbH

His stardom rose when they faced Imaginary in the quarterfinals. In the first round, the team won 16-1, with Xyp9x contributing 19 kills and a 1.77 rating. The second round was even better as he matched the same rating and scored 25 kills, including 5 first kills.

Team Dignitas (TSM)

One of the best times in Xyp9x's career was when he played for TSM in 2015.

As part of TSM, Xyp9x participated in ESL One: Katowice 2015. The team finished the group stage in second place and Xyp9x played with an overall 0.87. TSM was eliminated from the tournament by losing to NiP in the quarter-finals. Therefore, Xyp9x has scored 50-46 K/D in three rounds.

Credit: DreamHack

TSM was the winner of the PGL CS:GO Championship Series Kick-off Season on March 26, 2015, first defeating Fnatic 2-0 in Upper Bracket Round 1. Xyp9x scored a total of 0.88 in all rounds. In their match against NiP, they beat them 2-0. Their opponent in the final was once again Fnatic. In all four rounds Xyp9x got the highest rating of their team with 1.06.

In his last appearance at TSM, Xyp9x also recorded a win in the FACEIT League 2015 Stage I final. First, the team completed its group in the second stage and beat Fnatic in the semi-finals. In the Grand Final, NiP was their opponent and with a 2-1 win, they became the champions. He had 66-56 K/D in the Grand Final and a rating of 1.16.

Last stop: Astralis

Credit: ESL Gaming GmbH

Xyp9x's time at Astralis can be considered his best, as he earned many trophies and achievements with the org. As a member of Astralis, he is one of the biggest winners along with his teammates. He was named the MVP of IEM Katowice 2017 by HLTV. At the same tournament, he also held the record for the most 1vX wins at a major event with 13 victories.

Here are all the Majors he won with Astralis and the scores at the Grand Finals:

ELEAGUE Major: Atlanta 2017 (1.01)

FACEIT Major: London 2018 (1.24)

Intel Extreme Masters Season XIII - Katowice Major 2019 (1.51)

StarLadder Berlin Major 2019 (1.37)

The experienced player improved year after year at the Majors in every single tournament that he participated in. His improvement in performance can be seen in his ratings and K/D numbers, year after year.

Xyp9x is still an active player for Astralis. If you want to bet for Astralis and Xyp9x, you can visit Luckbox.