Paris Major American RMR experiences internet issues

The Paris Major 2023: American RMR has kicked off today in Monterrey, Mexico - but the competing teams have already run into some technical issues.

Teams at Paris Major American RMR experience internet and power cuts

Running from today (April 6) to April 9, the Paris Major 2023: American RMR will see 16 teams competing for the right to qualify for the upcoming Paris Major, due to begin on May 8.

Over the next three days, the competing teams with fight it out across a Swiss System Format, after which the top five teams will advance to the Paris Major - while the remaining 11 will be eliminated.

And so the pressure is understandably high for each of the 16 teams - and that isn't being helped by the internet and power issues being experienced at the RMR. Reports of the issues first emerged via reporter Roque Marques, while teams competing at the event have similarly complained on social media.

"Players' hotel at RMR Americas, which will also be the stage for the games, is having internet and power problems throughout today, hindering the final preparation," reads a translated version of Marques' Tweet. "First round starts at around 18 hours."

The teams waiting to compete in the RMR have similarly Tweeted about their experiences, with Team Liquid sharing a video of the team venting their frustrations as they wait for the internet issues to be resolved.

While the issues will no doubt be addressed shortly, it isn't the most promising start to the RMR, with the teams' right to qualify for the Paris Major on the line.

The stakes are even higher considering that the Paris Major will the be last-ever CS:GO Major, before Counter-Strike 2 launches in later this year. Teams across the world are understandably eager to qualify - and the internet issues at the hotel are proving to be an enormous frustration.

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