The best teams that couldn’t make it to the main event at Worlds 2022

Worlds 2022 Group Stage started this week, but we still couldn’t forget about the play-in stage hype. Here are the three teams that impressed us the most during their play-in run, but sadly couldn’t make it to the main event, either because of their own mistakes or because of an unfortunate draw.

The format of the play-in stage has been a hot topic of debate, especially between minor regions. Some like the idea of playing against strong teams early while some teams just want to represent their region in the main event. If the format had been different, these three might have made it to the main event. Let’s take a look at their story.

DetonatioN FocusMe

Image via Riot Games

The Japanese impressed us before Worlds 2022, with their strong showing at MSI 2021 and when they managed to make it to the group stage at Worlds 2021. Although MSI 2022 was disappointing, DetonatioN FocusMe still showed some incredible performances, even though they couldn’t qualify for the next round. Defeating C9 and performing so well against DWG KIA isn’t easy.

So, expectations were high for Japan. Minor region enthusiasts like me watched their games closely, and after a sloppy start, DFM managed to deliver. When they were about to have a very advantageous position, Evil Geniuses’ survival instincts kicked in, defeating DFM in the tiebreakers.

Thus, even though DFM defeated LOUD, their opponent next round was Royal Never Give Up. It was doomed, DFM didn’t even care for it-WRONG. Although it was mission impossible, DetonatioN FocusMe managed to steal one game away from RNG, the first time for a minor region. Playing a strict strategy and showing up as a team made Worlds 2022 an unforgettable one for DFM.

MAD Lions

Image via Riot Games

MAD Lions came here as Europe’s #4, and although you could say that they deserved elimination due to their performance, you still have to admit that they looked strong at times and with such a roster, it's a shame that we lost them during the play-ins. What brought their demise?

MAD didn’t win a single best-of-five series in 2022, and their play-in group meant that they would have to settle for 3rd-4th place, playing at least two best-of-fives. MAD managed to follow RNG and DRX directly by dominating the minor regions and defeating Saigon Buffalo 3-1 to win their first BO5, but they weren’t good enough to take down Inspired’s Evil Geniuses. The roster had so much potential, but now, it looks like they will have to split at the end of the year.

Still, there are great teams in the group stage: Worlds 2022 is one of the best tournaments ever, featuring several favourites and many incredible teams. Make sure to keep track of it with the latest news and live streams on Luckbox. Sign up now to claim your 100% bonus before placing your bets.


Image via Riot Games

LOUD was here to end Brazil’s infamous streak at international tournaments, and they almost had it until the last minute against Evil Geniuses. Brazilians were so close to finishing second in their group after showing a performance that we don’t usually see from minor regions: proactive, aggressive and strong laning phases.

Although their run was ended by an even better minor region representative, LOUD’s efforts were not in vain. Next year, when Brazil comes back, they will see that more people will cheer for them, and they will know what they are capable of. At least that’s what tinowns said, as a player who participated in both Worlds 2014 and Worlds 2022.