The Best Offlane Dota 2 Heroes for Patch 7.31

Patch 7.31 has given one more opportunity to MMR grinders to make use of the ensuing chaos and increase their rank by quite a bit and inch a step closer towards competing with the best.

But to accomplish such a feat, one needs to be peculiar when it comes to the selection of heroes dictating the meta.

Today, we take a look at the top three heroes shared by TI10 winner, Magomed "Collapse" Khalilov, on the current meta and his preferred choice of heroes.

The heroes topping his list are: Primal Beast, Sand King, and Pangolier. He believes that these are the highest tier offlaners in the game right now and can be used in a seamless manner.

Let’s have a look.

Dota 2’s Crixalis: Sand King

Sand King can be considered easily one of the most effective offlaners in the game, due to his very strong early game, great team fighting ability, and capability to shut down an enemy in the safe lane, i.e., carry heroes.

Relying on sandstorm and caustic finale, he can single handedly annoy the heck out of an enemy hero without breaking much sweat.

Though he isn’t as strong in the late game and is a bit reliant on purchase timings and inventory, he has high area damage, the ability to quickly farm a lot of stacks in the jungle, and has an instant stun.

Sand King has all the qualities of being an excellent initiator, and can bring a lot of fortune to his allies. Sand King becomes a threat with proper early game itemization such as Blink Dagger, that can easily kill enemy heroes or set up clutch team fight, and snowball the match out of control.

Needless to say, Sand King can be utilised in many ways with different item builds according to any given situation.

Dota 2’s Donté Panlin: Pangolier

Due to an increase in base damage, Pangolier is perfect for the offlaners that have aggressive tendencies.

Swashbuckle is just as dangerous as ever, and can allow the enemy to lead out many dangerous scenarios for the enemy team. It helps him set up fights for his allies and also allows him to be slippery.

His agile brawling abilities make him a danger to all enemies across the map, and can quickly become a problem for anyone on the enemy team. Getting an item advantage over the enemy, especially during the early game, can completely turn the game in your favour.  

Dota 2’s Wrecking Creep: Primal Beast

Primal Beast is arguably the strongest offlane right now, and with good reason. Onslaught is a fantastic tool for initiating engagements — including excellent range as well as a stun. Pulverise works great for locking down singular opponents, and has a relatively low cooldown.

His base stats are spectacular as well.

Under any given situation, Primal Beast keeps the ability of making a comeback after having a less than idle start, owing to his abilities. All of these tools together make Primal Beast the best offlane hero you can play right now.

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