Temples of esports: Venues hosted epic esports events

Esports is keeping its value thanks to the big fan capacity that it has. For a long time, people enjoyed watching these competitive tournaments on their screen and furthermore, in the big arenas where the biggest esports events were held.

For a sport that carries a big “E” in front of its name, organizing these events in arenas is something interesting as you cannot watch the players on the field. Esports changed all these negative thoughts by giving the message of “being together is the key”.

Here we are with the 5 enormous esports events and where they were held.

The International 2021 - Arena Naţională (Romania)

Dota 2’s The International series is generally known for its big prize pool since they used a system that allows increasing the prize pool with in-game purchases. Starting from 2011, the prize pool increased year by year and attracted more people to enjoy watching TI.

Credit: Valve

The latest TI, which also had the biggest prize pool with $40,018,195 was played in Arena Națională, Bucharest, Romania. Even though in the first step the tournament was planned in Avicii Arena in Stockholm, it was canceled since COVID-19 cases were surging.

Valve later announced that the tournament will take place from October 7th to 17th at Arena Națională in Bucharest, Romania, with 55.634 capacity.

Team Spirit won the tournament by eliminating PSG.LGD in the Grand Finals with a 3-2 score.

2014 World Championship Finals - Seoul World Cup Stadium (South Korea)

It is possible to count League of Legends as one of the biggest reasons for the increasing interest in esports. This big MOBA game has attracted not only fans but also a lot of sponsors and investments.

Credit: Riot Games

One of the biggest tournaments witnessed by League of legends was held in 2014 in South Korea at the Seoul World Cup Stadium, the second biggest stadium in Seoul. There was a lot of interest in the Samsung White vs Star Horn Royal Club final, which was played in a stadium with a capacity of 66,704 people. The participation was very high in the final stage, where Samsung White was the winner with a score of 3-1.

Despite the fact that 8 years have gone by, the tournament has still managed to become one of the biggest tournaments in the history of esports.

PGL Major Stockholm 2021 Finals - Avicii Arena (Sweden)

CS:GO, together with the Majors that it organizes every year, manages to keep their fans excited. Valve is always on the topic thanks to the quality of the tournaments it organizes. One of the most notable Majors held up to this time was played at the Avicii Arena in Stockholm, Sweden in 2021.

Credit: HLTV

The tournament was held in Quality Hotel™ Globe on The New Challengers and New Legends Stage. However, The New Champions Stage was played at the Avicii Arena, having a seating capacity of 16.000 people. Ukrainian team Natus Vincere and Spanish team G2 Esports were the names that we saw in the Grand Final.

With a 2-0 score, Natus Vincere was awarded the PGL Major Stockholm 2021 crown and raised their trophy at the Avicii Arena.

VALORANT Champions 2021 Finals - Verti Music Hall (Germany)

VALORANT had made an ambitious debut at the first official VCT event it organized. It had shown how much it wanted to be permanent in esports with its $1,000,000 prize pool and sponsorships with major brands such as Verizon, Prime Gaming, Secretlab, HyperX, Aim Lab, and Red Bull.

Credit: Riot Games

To improve the tournament more, Riot Games announced that they have decided to organize Semifinals and Grand Final in the Verti Music Hall, having a 4,350 seating capacity and located in Germany, Berlin.

Acend be the winner of VCT 2021 by eliminating Gambit Esports with a 3-2 score.

Overwatch World Cup 2019 - Anaheim Convention Center (United States of America)

Overwatch, which goes beyond the usual understanding of FPS games and brings new features to this genre, was published by Blizzard Entertainment in 2016. This game managed to gain huge attraction in a short span of time with the Overwatch World Cup 2019 tournament.

Credit: Blizzard Entertainment

Including ten different countries, the United States and China made it till the Finals. Also being the hometown for the tournament in Anaheim Convention Center, the United States won against China by 3-0.

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