Teams participating in The International 11 LCQ

The final two teams to participate in The International 11 will be determined by the Last Chance Qualifier. The International 11: Last Chance Qualifier will begin on October 8, and will end on October 12.

Today we will take a look at the teams that will be featured in the Last Chance Qualifier. So let's start.

Teams in Group A of The International 11 LCQ

  • Natus Vincere (Eastern Europe)
  • nouns (North America)
  • Polaris Esports (Southeast Asia)
  • Team Secret (Western Europe)
  • Tempest (South America)
  • Vici Gaming (China)
Credit: Valve

There are some amazing teams in Group A and the Last Chance Qualifier in general. I think the favourite of Group A is Team Secret. Frankly, I still do not understand how they could not directly qualify for The International 11.

For second place, my guess is Vici Gaming. I think there will be a great rivalry between them and NAVI. NAVI will finish third in the group if you ask me.

My prediction for the last team to advance to the upper bracket of the playoffs is Polaris Esports. I say nouns and Tempest would be fifth and sixth respectively.

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Teams in Group B of The International 11 LCQ

  • Infamous (South America)
  • T1 (Southeast Asia)
  • Team Liquid (Western Europe)
  • (Eastern Europe)
  • Wildcard Gaming (North America)
  • Xtreme Gaming (China)
Credit: Valve

For many, the Group B favourite is They were already very close to participating in The International 11, but could not participate due to the penalties they received. I also think they are the favourites, and they deserve to participate.

I think the Chinese team Xtreme Gaming will take second place. In my opinion, the third place will be Team Liquid and the fourth will be T1. However, there may be changes in the second, third and fourth places. All three teams are quite strong.

Infamous and Wildcard Gaming will say goodbye to LCQ in the group stage if you ask my opinion. I predict the fifth place will be taken by Infamous, not by Wildcard Gaming.

Now almost everything is completed on the way to The International 11. Only the Last Chance Qualifier remains. With the end of the Last Chance Qualifier, the awesome Aegis of the Immortal competition will begin and teams will do their best for the huge prize pool and irresistible prestige. You can follow both Last Chance Qualifier and The International 11 on Luckbox.