Team Vitality represents France at VRL Finals

After winning VRL 2022 France: Revolution Stage 2, Team Vitality will participate in VRL Finals as the French representative. Although the league was dominated by MAD Lions, Team Vitality managed to turn that around in the playoffs and secured their ticket to VRL Finals where they will face six other regional league champions.

Vitality has been in the European VALORANT scene for a long time now, entering it in February 2021. However, this championship in VRL France has been their biggest success so far. Last season, they were able to finish the league in fifth place, but they managed to take it further this time around.

Team Vitality history in VALORANT

Vitality is a known esports organisation from France, but they haven’t been able to become one of the big names in Europe as they did in CS:GO or League of Legends. Lithuanian ceNder is the only player that has stayed with the team since the start of Vitality’s VALORANT journey. The rest of the players joined in May 2022: BONECOLD, baddyG, H1ber and nataNk. They are coached by Tanizhq who joined at the same time.

2021 was a rollercoaster for them: they first failed to make it to the further stages of Europe Challengers, and when they finally did, they couldn’t make it to EMEA Challengers even once. After winning VALORANT Open Tour France Finals at the end of the year, Vitality’s next stop was Europe Stage 1 Challengers in VCT 2022.

Vitality once again failed to qualify for EMEA Challengers which was an even more elite tournament at this point thanks to the format changes. They would participate in VRL 2022 France: Revolution, French leg of Riot Games’ brand new European regional leagues system.

Although Vitality failed Stage 1 by finishing fifth and heading home with $963, they were motivated for Stage 2. Taking down the 17-1 leader MAD Lions 3-0 in the grand final, Vitality’s new roster paid off and became the champions of France. Their next step is VRL Finals.

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Team Vitality stats

According to stats from, Team Vitality played 302 rounds of VALORANT during VRL France Stage 2. ceNder, the team’s long-standing member, played Cypher, Chamber and Killjoy the most. As the sentinel player of the team, ceNder has 217.8 average combat score, 1.18 K/D and 139.4 average damage per round, mediocre stats overall.

One of the most famous members of Team Vitality, Finnish BONECOLD played initiators like Sova and Fade for the team. His stats were on the low side but as the IGL, that’s expected. Playing Sage and KAY/O the most, nataNk had a somewhat hybrid supportive role in the team, with 181.7 ACS, 0.95 K/D and 120.8 ADR.

He was one of the best performing players in the series against MAD Lions: baddyG took Raze, Viper and Omen in his hands to carry the team. 225.1 ACS, 1.10 K/D and 153.6 ADR look impressive. H1ber was even more successful in a similar role, playing Jett, Reyna and Raze. He utilized his role incredibly well with 241.4 ACS, 1.09 K/D and 152.6 ADR.