A statistical breakdown of Team Secret's success story

Leamare is a Dota 2 fan specialising in statistical analysis of the game via his website Here, he takes a look at the trends from ESL One Birmingham

With the start of new patch we got to territory of a new unsolved meta. ESL One Birmingham was the first major level tournament that was played on patch 7.22 as well as the first tournament to start shaping competitive meta we are most likely to see at The International 2019. Team Secret took the title in Birmingham as their season of success continued and they racked up some pretty impressive stats along the way. Based on the tournament match data and statistics, let’s see what we learned...



Total Matches played: 87
Teams on event: 12
Radiant winrate: 48.28%
Median match duration: 36:43
Heroes contested: 107 – 88 picked and banned, 15 only picked, 4 only banned
Heroes uncontested: 10 – Axe, Mirana, Windranger, Lich, Tinker, Clinkz, Enchantress, Chaos Knight, Skywrath Mage, Elder Titan
Tournament winner: Team Secret
Runner-up: Evil Geniuses
Third Place: PSG.LGD

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Aside from Aghanim’s Scepter updates, the 7.22 patch didn’t affect overall meta that much. Two major changes I personally expected to see after reading patchnotes are:

  • Early domination to be less important leading to more ways to come back into the game and longer games overall
  • Huge impact of Rosh-heavy heroes
  • Heroes with strong Aghs and teamfight presence to be generally more important
  • Huge diversity in hero picks and positions, especially on a professional level where unusual strategies may be easier to perform


One of the things to be expected based off these thoughts for me were huge contest rates of Sven and Spectre. Both of those heroes have massive teamfighting potential and pretty tanky by themselves.

Another hero to consider is Lone Druid who didn’t get to top-10 heroes of the event, but has considerably high rank of 78.50. One thing those heroes (and Troll Warlord, who is popular enough to mention him, but not successful enough to give him any more attention) have in common is they are making their team tankier in some way while being position one heroes and not lacking damage or sustain in any way: attack damage shield, Radiance miss chance, even Whirling Axes.

Another thing to notice is expected diversity of the tournament’s meta, even tho it may be a consequense of unsolveness of the meta. And while a lot of heroes got enough attention, two heroes stand out being contested in 85 matches out of 87: Io and Chen.

Both of these heroes have high skill cap and not that popular in pubs, but of them got rellatively recent big buffs which made them not only much easier to play, but also turned both of these heroes into nightmare to play against on pro level. While Io already got a lot of nerfs, the ball is still getting a lot of bans during most events, and Chen seems to be pretty close to being the new Io.

Team Secret's favourite heroes


Most popular hero combos




Notable participants

Most matches played: Team Secret (25)
Highest winrate: Evil Geniuses (70.00%)
Team with the widest hero pool: Team Secret (59)
Team with the smallest hero pool: Alliance (27)
Player with the widest hero pool: PSG.LGD.小可 (16)
Player with the smallest hero pool: Liquid.Gh (5)
Most diverse player: PSG.LGD.小可 (16 unique heroes over 17 matches)

Complete teams summary


Notable matches

  • The longest match (1:25:00) with the biggest networth stomp by a team (51,434) and most Roshan Kills (4) - Group Stage, Alliance vs Secret, game 1
  • Highest networth stomp by a team (10,576 gold) - Group Stage, Liquid vs VG, game 2
  • The shortest match (14:07) - Group Stage, OG vs Forward, game 2
  • Most kills combined (103) - Group Stage, Alliance vs Secret, game 2

Find more stats in the full report at

Picture: Copyright ESL | Bart Oerbekke


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