Team Secret is one of the strongest teams in TI 11

The International 11 has progressed in a very interesting way so far and it looks like it will continue to progress like that. One of them was Team Secret, beating PSG.LGD in upper bracket round 1.

Today we take a look at Team Secret's performance so far in the tournament and what they can do in the remaining matches.

Team Secret's roster has undergone a lot of changes lately

Puppey has been in the roster since the founding of the team in 2014, and Nisha has been an important part of the roster since 2018. A total of three new names have joined the team since May 2022. Crystallis in May 2022, Zayac in July 2022 and Resolut1on in August 2022 became the new names of the roster. These changes seem to have pushed Team Secret's performance forward.

Team Secret has always managed to be a team that makes a name for itself with its performance. So much so that they finished third in The International 2021. There were many tournaments they participated in throughout the year, but they never reached the championship. It was one of their greatest achievements to reach the semifinals at Riyadh Masters 2022.

They qualified for the Last Chance Qualifier after finishing second in The International 11's Western Europe Qualifier. They joined The International 11 with their win against in the grand final of Last Chance Qualifier. It is a good thing that they participated, because they became one of the teams that added the most excitement to the tournament.

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The group stage was not too hard for Team Secret

Team Secret's group was easier than Group A in my opinion. Although, I can say that my opinion changed after the group stage started. Since PSG.LGD and OG were in Group A, I expected the competition to heat up there, but neither team could finish at the top.

In Group B; however, Tundra Esports and Thunder Awaken shined. Team Secret, on the other hand, lost only to Tundra Esports. In the remaining matches, they had 5 wins and 3 draws.

Thus, they finished the group stage second behind Tundra Esports and ahead of Thunder Awaken.

Team Secret beat the tournament favourite

Like many Dota 2 fans, PSG.LGD was the team that I was most certain to win the tournament. PSG.LGD and Team Secret faced off in the upper bracket round 1. I thought PSG.LGD would recover after their performance in Group A, but they still couldn't.

Team Secret finished the Bo3 series 2-0 ahead and advanced to the upper bracket round 2. Frankly, we saw that they beat PSG.LGD in the playoffs and in many minds their favourites might have changed.

Speaking of favourites... Their opponent in upper bracket round 2 is Thunder Awaken and they're putting on an amazing performance. Honestly, it is difficult to predict who will win the match. Odds might say otherwise but Team Secret may continue on their way in the lower bracket. Who knows..?

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