Team Orca wins BTS Pro Series Season 10: Southeast Asia

The fierce struggle of 12 teams came to an end. Team Orca is the winner of BTS Pro Series Season 10: Southeast Asia. With this championship, they won the $20,000 grand prize.

More information about Team Orca and Lilgun's competition on the way to the grand final is in our article.

Lilgun were undefeated in the group stage, and progressed well in the playoffs

Lilgun's performance in BTS Pro Series Season 10: Southeast Asia Phase 2 Standings was pretty good. They got 4 wins and 4 draws in eight matches. In the upper bracket round 1, their opponents were the Yangon Galacticos. Lilgun won with a score of 2-1. In the upper bracket final, they faced Team Orca. With a 2-1 win, they advanced to the grand final.

Team Orca struggled on their way to grand final

Team Orca's group stage performance was not as good as Lilgun. They had only 2 wins in eight matches. They drew in 5 of the other matches, and were defeated once. With this performance, they finished third in standings. Their rivals in upper bracket round 1 were Polaris Esports. Even though they fell behind, Team Orca managed to equalize the score and then easily won another game, making the score 2-1. Even though they lost 2-1 against Lilgun in the upper bracket final, they did not give up. They also played two difficult games in the lower bracket final, they managed to beat T1 2-0.

An amazing grand final

The grand final was so awesome that we hardly decided what should be the title for this part. Lilgun won the first game. The second game lasted exactly 71 minutes and 29 seconds. The winner of this amazing game was Team Orca and the series was tied. Then Team Orca won another game.

With another victory, the championship would be theirs, and it was. With a magnificent 58-minute final game, Team Orca came back from both the lower bracket final and their 0-1 loss against Lilgun in the grand final to become the BTS Pro Series Season 10: Southeast Asia champions.

Prize pool

Place Team USD
1st Team Orca $20,000
2nd Lilgun $11,500
3rd T1 $6,750
4th Execration $4,000
5th-6th Yangon Galacticos $2,250
Polaris Esports
7th-8th Motiavte.Trust Gaming $1,250
Neon Esports
9th Team SMG $750
10th Army Geniuses -
11th-12th M Y -


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