Team Liquid: The Emerging Warriors?

A name lost in the shadows of its former self, Team Liquid, is once again on the rise – eager to flood their enemies and wash them out of existence.

Ever since Liquid’s triumphant victory at The International 7 and the subsequent departure of the roster after TI9, the organisation recruited the then Alliance stack composed of Insania and others which they thought would be the perfect fit.

Brimming with potential and talent, the new Liquid squad headed into the DPC 2020-2021 season with high hopes. However, inconsistency and erratic performances led to their downfall with Liquid being unable to secure a berth at TI10.

Changes were imminent. With no clear answer in sight, the team had stagnated – without any change in roster – over the course of three years. Ultimately, their friendship underwent a litmus test in lieu of unsatisfactory results.

The team parted ways with Taiga while Qoqjva was moved to inactive as the latter chose to focus on streaming. With two vacant spots, the onus of completing the roster fell on Insania’s shoulders. He had to bring in individuals that’d add consistency and firepower – two important elements missing from the previous iteration – to the team.


While Micke is widely regarded as one of the most talented players to grace the scene, given his versatility and wide hero pool, he struggled to make significant impact on the carry role – partly owing to Liquid’s poor performance where the burden landed entirely upon him and made him play out of his comfort zone.

The answer to this riddle? MATUMBAMAN!

The Finnish lad, after a successful DPC 2020-21 season with Team Secret, decided that it was time to come back home – a place where he won The International 7.

With Matumbaman’s consistent performance on the carry role, Micke goes back to his natural element; a role where he showed exemplary prowess – the midlane. That being said, it was time for Liquid to find the final piece of the puzzle.

Final piece of the puzzle?

Zai, the charismatic Swedish player who has been a staple to any team that he goes to and only adds to the strength of the team, was the final piece of the puzzle Team Liquid was in search of.

Alongside Matumbaman, Zai also had a successful DPC 2020-21 season with Team Secret, and had his career best third place finish at TI10. He chose to leave Secret in search of greener pastures, but little did he know.. or did he.. that he would end up joining the ocean?

Zai packs a whole punch of firepower and brings with him the playmaking abilities that the team seemed lacking, despite the best efforts of Boxi, who now has switched to position 4.


Bits of the puzzle fell into place and Team Liquid found instant success as they now comfortably occupy the top position in the DPC WEU 2020-21 Tour 1 with four consecutive wins and zero losses.

Their performances against OG and Tundra has made them a force to be reckoned with and inadvertently commanded respect from their remaining opponents.

The true litmus test, however, will be against Team Secret whom they face next. Needless to say, this series will define Team Liquid heading into the first Major of Tour 1, a spot they are most likely guaranteed.

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