Team Heretics wins European Masters Summer 2022

The first two teams of Group C met in the grand final of European Masters Summer 2022. Team Heretics surprised everyone by beating Team BDS Academy in the grand final. Team BDS Academy was undefeated throughout the tournament except the grand final.

Today, we will take a look at the two teams' journey to the grand final and what happened in the grand final.

Team BDS Academy progressed flawlessly to the grand final

Frankly, Team BDS Academy dominated EU Masters Summer 2022 until the grand final. First, they finished the group stage with 6 wins and 0 losses. They became the untouchable team of Group C.

In the quarterfinals, their rivals were Vitality.Bee, second place of Group A. This was another round they had no trouble with. They advanced to the semifinals with a score of 3-0.

Credit: Amazon European Masters

In the semifinals, they faced GameWard, who finished Group D with a score of 6-0. They managed to beat their opponents 3-0 again and advanced to the grand final without losing a single game throughout the entire tournament.

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Credit: Amazon European Masters

Team Heretics faced many obstacles on the way to the grand final

Team Heretics were in the same group as Team BDS Academy in the group stage and finished second in the group with 4 wins and 2 losses, with both of them against Team BDS Academy.

In the quarterfinals, they were paired with Group A winner Unicorns of Love SE. It was a marvelous encounter to watch. Team Heretics won the first game, and then the winning side changed every game. As a result, Team Heretics became victorious with a score of 3-2.

In the semifinals, their rivals were LDLC OL. It was a more comfortable round for Team Heretics than the quarterfinals. The 3-1 score led them to the grand final.

Credit: Amazon European Masters

Nobody expected the grand final to end like this

With Team BDS Academy's amazing group stage performance, two wins over Team Heretics, and flawless progress in the playoffs, the winner of the grand final was clear for almost everyone. However, the result was not like this.

Team Heretics won the first two games of Bo5. Team BDS Academy was the side that equalized the score. Team Heretics, who won the last game of Bo5 in 40 minutes, became the EU Masters Summer 2022 champions and won a prize of €40,000.

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