Team Envy hint at Smash signing, could it be Wizzrobe?

UPDATE: Wizzy was confirmed today, 26/6, as Envy's first Smash signing

One of the biggest esports organisations in North America could be set for a surprise entry into Smash Bros Melee with the signing of Justin ‘Wizzrobe’ Hallett. Team Envy tweeted a teaserthat heavily implied they would be signing a Captain Falcon player, and the signing of Wizzrobe would bring them alongside domestic rivals like Cloud9 and TSM, as sponsors of elite Melee players.

There has been speculation that Wizzrobe would be signed for some time now, as he is probably the most successful player not to have a major sponsor. Wins over multiple gods of Smash, a Supermajor title with Falcon and his Grand Finals appearance at Smash Summit 8 paint the picture of a player very dedicated to his craft, and the reasons he is a free agent are not really that egregious in esports terms.

A professional option

Put bluntly, Wizzy is a slightly odd character, not a natural in interviews, but by the standards of esports he is still very marketable when you consider the behaviour of other Smash pros, or esports players generally. His record is free or racism, awkward selfies with right-wing iconoclasts and any of the other scandals esports professionals like to engage in, and to add to that he is a genuine multi-game threat, being a top player in Smash 64 and making top-eight at a recent Ultimate Major.

As mentioned above, the move would represent Team Envy’s first foray into Melee, or any Smash game, and also one of the biggest new additions to the scene we’ve had in some time. Cloud9 and Liquid maintain a single high-level representative in Melee, with the former being very invested in the streaming side of Mango too, while only really TSM and EchoFox have signed multiple top-level talents of the established NA hegemony.

There are other candidates for the role, with several top level Falcons operating in Melee and Ultimate, but the logical name out of the hat is Wizzrobe, and for good reason. If the Florida Falcon can finally find a forever home, and the support a top pro deserves, we could see a revolution in Smash the likes of which haven’t occurred for a long time, and the first true Captain Falcon main god.

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