Team BDS wins Gamers8 2022 Rainbow Six Siege

Gamers8 2022’s Rainbow Six Siege tournament is over with Team BDS defeating Team Falcons in the grand final, securing the $400,000 prize. As the underdogs of the tournament, Team Falcons did an excellent job and totally deserved the $250,000 second place prize money.

SI 22 champion TSM, Brazil’s MIBR and Team Liquid, all had a very disappointing tournament in Riyadh and will try to forget about it as soon as possible. South Korea’s DAMWON Gaming will attend Six Berlin Major starting next week, and although this was an excellent opportunity to test themselves against the best R6 teams in the world, they will surely be disappointed with their result.

Gamers8 2022 R6 recap

In Group A, we were expecting TL to be the favourites but Gamers Without Borders Europe champion WYLDE managed to defy all expectations. They first started with a quick 2-0 win over TL, and finished Spacestation who defeated DAMWON earlier with a 2-1 victory, becoming the first team to make the playoffs.

Team Liquid had to climb through the lower bracket thanks to WYLDE’s success. Their first opponent was DAMWON Gaming and although they struggled, TL was able to finish the job with a 2-1 win.  An unexpectedly clean 2-0 win over Spacestation sealed the deal for Liquid, moving on to the playoffs.

In Group B, the results were even more impressive. SI 22 champion TSM managed to crush MIBR in the first series of the group, followed by a Team BDS victory over Team Falcons. However, Team BDS continued their superb performance against TSM in the upper bracket final, moving on to the playoffs as first place.

Team Falcons’ miracle run started in the lower bracket. Two 7-4 maps meant that they were able to overcome MIBR and become the opponent of TSM in the lower bracket final. Although TSM tied the series after a Falcons win, 7-2 on Kafe Dostoyevsky secured the playoffs ticket for the Saudi representative.

Team BDS continued their incredible streak against Team Liquid. With another 2-0 victory, BDS moved on to the grand finals without dropping a map throughout Gamers8 2022. Following that, Team Falcons won the overtime in the third game against WYLDE 8-6 to secure the win and move on to the grand final.

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Team BDS vs Team Falcons: Grand final

BDS defeated Team Falcons once in the group, and they wanted to continue their incredible undefeated form. On the other hand, Falcons were looking at a crazy upset that no one had predicted they were capable of. This remarkable story behind it made the grand final absolutely beautiful.

The series started on Bank, Team BDS’ pick. After two 4-2 halves, the game went to overtime where Team BDS secured the 8-7 victory. Following that, we moved on to Team Falcons’ pick, Villa. BDS started with a 5-1 advantage, answered by another 5-1 from Falcons. However, the overtime went in BDS’ favour for the second time with 8-7.

BDS and Falcons headed to Oregon, BDS pick, with a 2-0 Team BDS advantage. Although Falcons once again resisted with a great performance, they couldn’t make it 6-6 for a third time and lost the game 7-5. With this result, Team BDS managed to take the win with a 3-0 record.

We don’t know if Team BDS’ extraordinary success will continue in the future, they won’t be participating in the Six Berlin Major but after this victory, their Rainbow Six Siege team will definitely attract more attention. Their mediocre results at Six Invitational 2022 and Six Charlotte Major 2022 definitely didn’t point out to such a victory. Winning Gamers8 is significant for all of Europe, as it’s the first LAN tournament that they’ve won for a long time now.

Gamers8 2022 R6’s MVP was Shaiiko. The Frenchman have earned an extra $100,000 for his superb performance. oKillz from Team Falcons also earned an extra $25,000 for acquiring the “Most Kills Player” award. Gamers8 2022 had a peak viewership of 34,000 viewers and an average concurrent viewers record of 16,017 in 19 hours of airtime.