Team BDS smoothly wins European League 2021 finals

European League 2021 Finals have come to an end. Team BDS played one of their most comfortable matches in recent times in the European League 2021 final.

The European League 2021 finals, which started on December 11, ended on December 19 with the Team BDS vs. Team Empire final, and BDS Esport won the grand prize of €50,000.

Semifinals were harder for Team BDS

In the semifinals, Team BDS faced off against G2 Esports. BDS, who lost 5-7 on the Oregon map, almost said goodbye to the tournament. They advanced to the finals by winning twice in a row on Bank and Clubhouse.

In the final, they were matched with Team Empire, who eliminated NAVI 2-0. Team Empire played the games in the semifinals much better than Team BDS. They beat NAVI 7-1 and 7-3. However, things didn't go well for the Empire in the grand final. Team Empire, which was almost unable to win a round during Bo3, didn't really win a round on the Chalet map. On the first map, Coastline, BDS won 7-3. This was the best performance for Empire in the grand final. BDS won 7-0 on Chalet and 7-2 on Kafe Dostoyevsky, and became the champion with extreme comfort.

As we mentioned above, NAVI lost 2-0 to Team Empire, and afterwards fell back against G2 Esports in the third place match. However, they later managed to rebound and finished third, winning two maps in a row.





Team BDS



Team Empire



Natus Vincere



G2 Esports


Soniqs was the winner of the North American League 2021

Before the European League 2021, the North American League 2021 ended on December 12. The champion of the season in North America was Soniqs, who beat DarkZero 2-0 in the final.

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