Taiga - The Piece That Perfectly Fit OG's Puzzle

Taiga left his long-time home, Team Liquid, and made way to the OG camp – after the latter decided to rebuild their team from scratch. In the beginning, it was puzzling to see Taiga join OG, on their captain, Misha’s insistence.

Why would a player of Taiga’s calibre join a legendary org opting to fully rebuild their roster from scratch with young and inexperienced players? Instead he could have joined any other org with highly skilled and experienced veterans, increasing his chances of winning ever further.

With the passage of time, Taiga’s magic started to weave in and the big picture was slowly coming to fruition albeit a glorious one. Eventually Taiga became the piece that perfectly fit OG’s puzzle.

After all, he was the piece OG were looking for all along.

Taiga seamlessly blended in with the newbies and along with OG’s captain, Misha, went on to lay the groundwork that would curate the path for the youngster’s towards victory. Building up on the solid foundation, the team began to take small steps towards success by constantly learning and improving.

The inconsistency, nerves and perhaps anxiousness that seeped into the newbies turned into consistency, confidence and calmness. While the first season did seem like a small struggle, it was ultimately a test for the players to prove their mettle.

Full credit goes to Taiga for the sublime transition into the team, adapting to OG’s playstyle, and at the same time taking charge of being the team’s backbone along with Misha in times of duress.

That stance allowed the remainder of the team to flourish.

Taiga - DreamLeague Season 13

Taiga’s impeccable roaming and clutch guidance were pivotal in OG’s rise. It paved the way for ATF, bzm and Yuragi to play without any pressure, thus giving them the free reign to play at their best.

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Whenever the team was lagging behind or experiencing difficulties during official games, it was Taiga’s intuitive guts that rescued OG from the brink of disaster – a feat that Taiga has achieved on multiple occasions during his tenure at Team Liquid.

ATF’s inconsistent plays were covered up due to Taiga’s timely help and saves during games. Yuragi’s lack of farm in a tough game was covered up by Taiga’s timely ganks and initiations. Bzm’s slow start on the mid lane was amply covered up by Taiga’s near perfect execution of laying a trap for the enemies.

It all boiled down to one element albeit the most crucial one – Taiga’s priceless experience and the ability to synergize under any given circumstance.

Let’s not forget two more important and integral elements that have played a big role in OG’s development – Ceb and Notail’s unwavering support and guidance.

It wouldn’t be possible to have a newly built team completely dominate in the Stockholm Dota 2 Major 2022 and besting the other teams, hadn’t it been for the confidence that the OG founders showed.

Trust and belief are important pillars in any field of work, and OG’s victory at the Stockholm Major was a big result of Ceb and Notail’s trust and belief.

Ultimately, Taiga lived upto his name and has been successful in guiding the young lot towards a successful career. It will be even great when the same form continues for some more time.

Taiga is the piece that perfectly fit OG’s puzzle.

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