T1 win the second-fastest game in international LoL history

The recent Upper Bracket Quarterfinals match between T1 and MAD Lions at this year's MSI almost set a new record yesterday - with T1 claiming the second-fastest victory at an international event in League of Legends history.

MSI 2023: T1 vs MAD Lions Upper Bracket Quarterfinals results

T1 claimed a decisive 3-0 victory in their Upper Bracket Showdown match against MAD Lions yesterday (May 11) - allowing them to progress on to the Upper Bracket Semifinals, where they'll be facing off against Gen.G Esports on May 13.

The first game of the series was a much longer affair, with the 33-minute game ending in a T1 victory, with a total of 51 kills. Things quickly went south for MAD Lions after that, however, with T1 going on to win the second game of the series in 24 minutes.

But it's the third and final game of the series that's worthy of note here - with T1 dominating MAD Lions to claim victory in just 16 minutes and 50 seconds - by far the shortest game of the tournament so far, and one of the fastest in League of Legends history.

Coincidentally, the fastest game also involved T1 - back when they were known as SK Telecom T1. However, the fortunes were reversed for the team when, back at MSI 2019, they lost to Invictus Gaming during the Group Stage in just 16 minutes and 1 second.

T1's victory over MAD Lions has usurped the previous second-fastest game, which also took place at MSI 2019. The previous record was seen when G2 claimed victory over Team Liquid in just 18 minutes and 5 seconds.

T1 will now go on to face Gen.G Esports in the Upper Bracket Semifinals on May 13. MAD Lions, meanwhile, will now be fighting for survival in the Lower Bracket - and is due to face off against G2 in their Lower Bracket Round 1 match.

This is already shaping up to be a historic tournament, and there's still plenty of action ahead at MSI 2023. To tune in, simply click here to see our upcoming MSI 2023 match schedule - just remember to claim your free 100% bonus first!