T1 leads the league as LCK 2022 Spring has a Lunar New Year break

While we are approaching the middle of the season, and just before the Lunar New Year break of LCK 2022 Spring, T1 took home the biggest prize after KT Rolster defeated Gen.G. With their 6-0 record, T1 is the sole leader of the league, while Gen.G has to wait for T1 to lose a series or defeat T1 themselves.

Other highlights from week 3 was T1 defeating DK in a highly competitive series, DRX finding a way out of the bottom of the table with three wins in a row and Kwangdong Freecs still not being able to live up to the expectations, stuck at the bottom with only one win. Find the details below.

LCK 2022 Spring Week 3 recap

Week 3 gave us a somewhat unsurprising start. In the first series of the week, Gen.G defeated Kwangdong Freecs 2-0. It was an expected result of the series between one of the best in the league and one of the worst. Next up, DRX defeated Fredit BRION and started a win streak. DRX recently defeated KDF in week 2, and using that motivational boost, they are finally playing up to their potential.

Clozer’s Liiv SANDBOX started the second day by defeating Rascal/Cuzz’s KT Rolster, finding their second win of the season. The last game of the day was T1 vs Nongshim RedForce. NS had a great run last year, but they lost some of their best players coming into 2022. Although they still have a good roster, it wasn’t enough to stop T1 from defeating them 2-1.

On the third day, DWG KIA showed they are still better than the bottom half by defeating HLE convincingly 2-0. Fredit BRION defeated Teddy’s KDF, getting their second win of the season. With this result, KDF still has yet to find a second win. They couldn’t even win a game in the series they lost. 2022 Spring has been a total nightmare for the promising five with Kiin and Teddy. They are stuck at the bottom with only one win, and they have to get themselves together before it’s too late.

The surprise of the week happened on Saturday. KT Rolster, with their mediocre roster, utterly destroyed Gen.G two games in a row. Being better than their strong opponent in every way during the two games which took very long, KT finished it 2-0 and got their second win of the season. KT didn’t hesitate to take their time to end things, played it cool and slow and stole one from the best of the LCK.

DRX then took their third win against NS, having a perfect week without even dropping a single game.

On Sunday, the day started with a banger between DK and T1. After DWG KIA took the first game with a great performance, T1 showed a better self during the next two. Although Canyon still outperformed young Oner, T1 was the better team overall and took this very valuable win in the week Gen.G lost a series. The last one of the week was Hanwha Life vs SANDBOX, where HLE secured the 2-0 win.

LCK 2022 Spring Week 3 standings

Before the Lunar New Year, T1 is the sole leader of the league while KDF is the only team with one win, stuck at the bottom. LCK will start on February 9, Wednesday. Until then, you can use this time to catch up by watching the series from the first three weeks. Check out the current standings below:

Placements Team Score
1 T1 6-0 (12-3)
2 Gen.G 5-1 (10-4)
3 DWG KIA 3-3 (9-6)
4 KT Rolster 3-3 (8-6)
5 Nongshim RedForce 3-3 (8-8)
6 DRX 3-3 (6-6)
7 Hanwha Life Esports 2-4 (6-9)
8 Fredit BRION 2-4 (5-9)
9 Liiv SANDBOX 2-4 (4-9)
10 Kwangdong Freecs 1-5 (2-10)


If you also can’t wait for LCK to start, come back next week as we will provide more information about the games of week 4. While LCK is on a break, you can always watch the games of other League of Legends tournaments and place your bets on Luckbox.