T1 and DRX are your Worlds 2022 finalists

The titans are eliminated, T1 and DRX emerged victorious, and the Worlds 2022 finalists are decided. T1 makes it to the grand final for the fifth time in the organization’s history, facing DRX, who makes it for the first time. This is also the first time Deft makes it to a Worlds final, who has one of the longest esports careers.

Both the LPL champion JD Gaming and the LCK champion Gen.G are eliminated in the semi-finals, and the LCK vs LCK grand final is played between the #2 seed and the #4 seed. T1 will try to prove they really are the best team in the world, and DRX will try to keep the miracle run alive. Let’s see what happened in the semi-finals.

T1 vs JD Gaming

T1 took on the LPL champions, and there were a lot of trust in them, mostly because they had such a large fan base. However, although Gumayusi and Keria kept their superb form, JDG outplayed T1 in the first game, having a good start with a 40-minute victory. Still, the game was incredibly close with lots of fights and a lot of kills.

The second game went in a similar fashion, where 369 went for Malphite against Zeus’ Yone and Faker brought back his old friend Ryze. With Gumayusi and Keria as their main carries, T1 managed to reach the victory and tie the series. It was shaping up to be an unforgettable series for the fans.

In the third game, T1 went for Ryze again, and kept playing around Faker’s 200 IQ ultimate plays. Gumayusi and Keria carried T1 with Lucian - Nami for the third time as T1 secured the advantage. After that game, JDG failed to show resistance in the fourth one, looking like they gave up: T1 won it 30-7 with incredible Azir ults from Faker. Five years after losing Worlds 2017, Faker makes it to Worlds finals again.

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DRX vs Gen.G

We were expecting a close one from T1 vs JDG, and until the fourth game, we got what we wanted. However, we were expecting a Gen.G stomp against DRX, and the series started just like that: with a strong team comp, Gen.G secured several advantages against DRX in the early game and managed to start with a 1-0.

However, the difference between game 1 GEN and game 2 GEN was like day and night. Peanut on Graves was utterly destroyed by Pyosik, Chovy was walking around the map without any goal in his mind, Ruler was trying to get his team ahead but ultimately, DRX looked like the better team. When DRX was able to destroy Gen.G as a team in the third game also, this series looked even weirder for us.

Leaving Ruler to his own on the bot lane, DRX focused on defeating Gen.G on the top side, and they were succeeding. Ruler’s strength on his own meant nothing as DRX won the fourth game as well, with Kingen popping off on Gragas and Zeka having the third perfect game in this series. He definitely solidified his place as the best mid-laner so far in Worlds 2022.

Finals schedule

Worlds 2022 grand final will be played in Los Angeles, California. Golden State Warriors’ home Chace Center with a capacity of 18,064 will be the stage for Worlds 2022 finals, and we will witness an LCK vs LCK finals for the first time since 2017.

November 6, Sunday
T1 (1.34) vs DRX (3.30) - 02:00 CEST

T1 definitely arrives at this grand final as a clear favourite. However, we have seen what DRX is capable of since the group stage. They destroyed Top Esports, Rogue, EDward Gaming and most recently, Gen.G. You can wait for our article later this week to get more details about the strengths and weaknesses of both teams, but right now, I can advise you to measure DRX correctly, while not underestimating T1’s super team.