Huya Dota2 Winter Invitational 2021 ended with a big surprise

The Huya Dota2 Winter Invitational 2021 with a prize of CNY 990,000 ($155,500) has come to an end. The tournament started on December 23 and ended on the last day of 2021, December 31.

The tournament proved to be a spectacular show when an underdog team rose to become a champion, among many favourites and established teams.

Huya Dota2 Winter Invitational 2021 group stage results

Group A

Place Team W/D/L
1st Royal Never Give Up 3-1-0
2nd Vici Gaming 2-1-1
3rd Xtreme Gaming 2-1-1
4th Team SMG 1-0-3
5th Team MagMa 0-1-3


Results in group A were concluded as predicted. Royal Never Give Up had a great group stage, competition between Vici Gaming and Xtreme Gaming was also admirable. With the tiebreaker rule, Vici Gaming started from the upper bracket as they beat Xtreme Gaming 2-0 even though the performances of the two teams were equal. Team SMG also joined the playoffs from the lower bracket with their win against Team MagMa.

Group B

Place Team W/D/L
1st Invictus Gaming 3-1-0
2nd OB.Neon 1-2-1
3rd Team Aster 0-3-1
4th iG Vitality 0-3-1
5th TNC Predator 0-3-1


Normally, group B seemed much more predictable with a competition lower than group A. However, contrary to expectations, neither Team Aster nor iG Vitality took a single win. OB.Neon, on the other hand, finished second in the group despite being seen as one of the weak links of the group. With this performance, they qualified to start from the upper bracket.

The leader of the group was Invictus Gaming, which was seen as one of the favourites together with Team Aster. It was very interesting that the performance of the third, fourth and fifth of group B was the same. With the tiebreaker rule, Team Aster and iG Vitality advanced to the lower bracket.

Underdog's path to the championship

OB.Neon, who finished second in group B, exceeded expectations with their performance. In upper bracket round 1, they were paired with the winner of group A, the mighty opponent Royal Never Give Up. Contrary to expectations, they defeated Royal Never Give Up 2-1.

In the upper bracket final, they paired with the winner of their group, Invictus Gaming. By beating Invictus Gaming by 2-1, which they lost 2-0 in the group match, they reached the final by surprising everyone. In the final, they rematched against Royal Never Give Up. Rising to the finals by eliminating strong teams like Xtreme Gaming, Vici Gaming and Invictus Gaming consecutively, Royal Never Give Up really did not give up.

The unyielding Royal Never Give Up started the grand final ahead. In the Bo5 match, OB.Neon won three games in a row and achieved great success and became champions. Thus, they won the grand prize of 215,000 CNY ($33,750).

Prize pool

Place USD CNY Team
1st $33,750 215,000 CNY OB.Neon
2nd $25,900 165,000 CNY Royal Never Give Up
3rd $18,000 115,000 CNY Invictus Gaming
4th $18,000 115,000 CNY Vici Gaming
5th-6th $11,800 75,000 CNY Xtreme Gaming
Team SMG
7th-8th $8,600 55,000 CNY iG Vitality
Team Aster
9th-10th $8,600 55,000 CNY Team MagMa
TNC Predator


Huya Dota2 Winter Invitational 2021, a tournament that delights Dota 2 fans, has ended, but Dota Pro Circuit continues at full speed.

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