Terry Bogard is coming to Smash - here's what you need to know

With Terry Bogard on his way as to Super Smash Bros Ultimate as the next DLC character, Tim Masters looks at what fans can expect from the Nintendo News live stream, which is expected to include a release date and demonstration of his moveset

Super Smash Bros Ultimate for the Nintendo Switch is a living, breathing organism, as many games are in 2019. Gone are the days where the product was finished and ready to go out of the box (as a recent WWE proved) and now we live in a world where new items can be added years down the line to improve the user experience.

Or, in the case of Nintendo, sometimes not improve the experience. Their record when it comes to DLC is mixed, with previous titles having been destroyed competitively by the addition of overpowered new ‘pay to win’ characters, Bayonetta being the most obvious example. Their recent efforts have been somewhat polarising, with Persona 5’s Joker no doubt one of the best in the game, and yours for a small fee, and we’re hours away from our first look at the next challenger to approach. And his name is Terry…


When is Terry Bogard coming to Smash?

For those who haven’t been following the story, the next new Smash Ultimate DLC character is going to be called Terry Bogard, a man created to be the main protagonist in the Fatal Fury series, years before most of the Smash player base was even born. While the Terry Bogard Smash release date is yet to be confirmed, Wednesday, November 6th, will see Smash creator and deity Masuhiro Sakurai demonstrate the DLC character and give the waiting world a first look at Terry Bogard's moveset.

The Nintendo News Smash Ultimate live stream is due to start at 1pm GMT / 2pm CET / 8am ET / 5am PT.

What's in a name?

Quite why it is that Asian companies feel the need to give such mundane names to foreign fighting game characters, we’ll never know, but Terry Bogard follows in the long line of thrilling protagonists with names such Ken, Bryan and…Geese, who is the final boss in the Fatal Fury series. As mentioned, that collection of games is where Terry originated, and is roughly as relevant to modern games as Banjo and Kazooie, having not had a new original title out since 1999.

Either way, a look at the new character is a great surprise, and the new format for demonstrating how DLC will work in Smash is a unique and wonderful one on one with one of the most pioneering and respected people in gaming today. Sakurai himself is scheduled to sit down and introduce us to his new baby, and who better to tell us how Terry is supposed to work than the man who created Smash Bros?

More Smash Ultimate leaks? Don't hold your breath...

There is a final addendum, for those looking forward to potentially being gifted a second piece of good news on top of the Terry tutorial. According to the [official channels](

), this will be a Terry-exclusive, so don’t hold your breath for announcements on other skins or DLC, regardless of what leaks you might have seen online, and just enjoy the latest addition to the series.

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