SumaiL's new team is OG as TI champs rebuild Dota 2 roster

SumaiL's new team has been confirmed as OG as the double TI champions begin rebuilding their Dota 2 roster.

SumaiL announced in September 2019 he would leave Evil Geniuses and subsequently spent time playing alongside his brother YawaR during a short-lived period with Quincy Crew.

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Now SumaiL's new team has been confirmed as OG's restructure begins in spectacular style.

OG are in need of new recruits after losing three members of the roster that won The International in 2018 and 2019.

It was announced earlier this week that Ana would be taking a break for the remainder of the DPC season, JerAx was retiring from Dota 2 and Ceb would be stepping down from the active roster.

It means SumaiL joins Topson and n0tail in the current OG line-up.


Insatiable will to win

In announcing Sumail's new team, OG posted: "The strive for excellence is what always drives us to go further here at OG. And that’s precisely what a player like SumaiL has to offer.

"Pretty sure we don’t need to introduce Sumail “Suma1L” Hassan to any of you anymore.

"On top of being one of the best core players this scene has ever carved, as well as the youngest TI winner there is, he’s also powered by an insatiable will to win and perform at the highest level.

"You know, we figured a king would fit pretty well in our ranks."

What is SumaiL's age?

SumaiL is 20 years old. Real name Syed Sumail Hassan, the Pakistani-American has ammased career earnigns of $3,591,258.

At just 15, he won TI5 with Evil Geniuses and, During TI9, he became the first player to record 1,000 kills during Internationals.