SumaiL joins brother YawaR in new Dota 2 team Quincy Crew

Following Syed "SumaiL" Sumail Hassan's announced departure from Evil Geniuses after almost five years playing under its banner, eyes have been set on where the young prodigy will go next. The Pakistani midlaner, who won a TI with EG at the age of 16, is renowned as one of the most skilled and dominant position 2 player in the world, dubbed "The King of Mid".

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Rumours have been hinting greatly that SumaiL will be joining with ex-VGJ.Storm/Forward/Newbee players YawaR, MSS, and SVG, with the addition of CCnC following UNiVeRsE's acquiral by NiP. With the following announcement made by manager Jack "KBBQ" Chen making it official, this will mark SumaiL's first time being in a competitive roster together with his biological older brother, Syed "YawaR" Yawar Hassan.

However, it seems like the lineup has yet to find a suitable banner to play under, and have been registered to the DPC system as an independent team under the name Quincy Crew.


A new position for SumaiL

Another important note is SumaiL, who is world-renowned as a midlaner, will be playing carry in this roster, instead of the role he is synonymous with, giving away the midlaner seat to Quinn "CCnC" Callahan. This isn't the first time he ventured into another position, having transitioned into an offlaner temporarily for Evil Geniuses in 2018 while the team was undergoing a heavy slump in performance, to unfortunately unimproved results.

This, however, will be his first transition to the carry position, mirroring his brother YawaR's past transition from mid to carry to give way to CCnC. With this role transition, thus YawaR will be undergoing a third role transition in his career to play as the offlaner.

Although having SumaiL move to a lineup other than EG's may seem alienating, the players in this lineup are definitely no stranger to SumaiL. YawaR, being his actual older brother, needs no introduction. YawaR's frequent teammates CCnC and MSS also, are some of the highest-level playing NA names that SumaiL have played countless pub matches together with.

Last but not least, team captain Avery "SVG" Silverman, whose appearance in the roster marks his return from retirement, was previously EG's coach in 2016 and 2017, with his highlight achievement being EG securing Top 3 in TI6.

Quincy Crew player lineup

  1. Syed "SumaiL" Sumail Hassan
  2. Quinn "CCnC" Callahan
  3. Syed "YawaR" Yawar Hassan
  4. Arif "MSS" Anwar
  5. Avery "SVG" Silverman
    Manager: Jack "KBBQ" Chen

Which org?

Now with one of the most high-profile players in their arsenal, speculations arise whether huge NA organisations such as Cloud9 or the recently-rosterless Team Liquid are in line to pick up this yet-unsigned roster, or will it be something completely different. No rumours have been pointing the directions for this question, but manager KBBQ is stating that organisation talks are under way and that the banner this squad will be playing under is soon to be revealed.

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Pictures: Copyright: Bart Oerbekke and Helena Kristiansson / ESL