The 5 best Black Friday deals on esports games

It's Black Friday weekend, and that means we've got a lot of great deals to sift through. For all those interested in esports, there are plenty of great titles from the scene you can play at home, and some of them are on sale this weekend. We've picked out five of the best for you to try at home, whether you play or console or PC, there is something for you.

CSGO - £5.69 (50% off) on Steam

The daddy of modern esports first-person shooters, Counter-Strike is often on sale at this time of year, and 2018 is no exception. With the free version of the game recently releasing, it’s a great time to get in, and there is no better competitive FPS experience available on PC today.

You might be better off using a third party client if you want to play competitively, but there are plenty of options available for that too.

Rocket League - £7.49 (50% off) on Steam

Part football, part driving sim, all crazy fun, Rocket League is the sort of thing you’d expect to be made into an esport in a 90s film about the future.

What is strange is, for a game that seems to be all about messing around and fun, it actually provides strong competitive play and has a scene around it. Some of the things that are possible in the game are beyond what you can imagine and it’s also great fun to play casually with your family or a few mates.

Street Fighter V – £7.99 (50% off) on Steam

While the game may have drawn the ire of some of the fighting game community, Street Fighter is a staple of the scene for as long as anyone can remember.

The fighters may be a good deal larger and more pumped now than in the early days of the franchise, but as far as traditional fighting games go this is one of the best, and Smash Bros Ultimate isn’t out for a couple of weeks, so we couldn’t include that…

Black Ops 4 - £47.99 (20% off) on XBox Live Store

The latest game in the Call of Duty Black Ops series released very recently, with a shiny new battle royale mode attached, but it’s the normal multiplayer people are so hyped for.

After the let-down that was WW2, Treyarch had to save the franchise, and so far fans are happy as the mechanics are rewarding the old favourites for the skills that saw them shine in Black Ops 3 and Infinite Warfare. From a casual point of view, the lack of a story mode is disappointing, but hours of BR fun should make up for that.

Rainbow 6 Siege - £11.90 (65% off) on

We may have saved the best for last, as Ubisoft’s amazing class-based first-person shooter is reduced by more than half on the official store.

You can buy it on console or PC, with the latter being the platform for serious players, and its great fun on either. With new operators just being released and a new map to boot, there has never been a better time to get into the game.