StarLadder Major predictions - Boukev's best bets from Berlin

With both the Challengers and Legend stages of the Berlin Major behind us we can take a look at the quarterfinals to scout interesting betting opportunities.

Underdog bets on DreamEaters and CR4ZY would have earned you great outcomes in the earliest stages of this Major so far but the best-of-three formats and pressure of the quarterfinals might lean more towards the experienced and seasoned teams.


The BO3 effect has already been evident during the Legend stage, in which the favorite teams mostly managed to eventually gain the upper hand in these longer brawls as opposed to the surprises that occurred in the best of one matches.

So with the quarterfinals of the Berlin Major bracket set to get under way, it's time for some predictions.

ENCE vs Renegades

This matchup between the first team out of the Legends stage versus the eighth-placed team usually doesn't pan out well for the bottom-placed team but with good odds this might actually be a nice bet.


Renegades have managed to win against both FaZe and G2 while some say ENCE have not been tested much yet in this tournament. Odds of 3.5x on Renegades give me enough return to take a chance.

Boukev's prediction: RNG to win @3.5 - bet now

Team Vitality vs Avangar

While AVANGAR are the surprising team in the quarterfinals they have been getting better and better in this tournament. A win over G2 and a close overtime win versus Team Liquid have gotten them this far. While I do expect AVANGAR to take a map win due to AdreN's current form and magic I also still believe Team Vitality will win in the end. Betting on a 2-1 win for Vitality gives you 3.3x odds.

Boukev's prediction: Vitality to win 2-1 @3.3 - bet now

NRG esports vs Na'vi

NRG have been on fire in the Berlin Major so far after their first match versus the Dreameaters. They have had high positive round scores in both the Challengers and the Legends stage, even facing Liquid, Astralis and a strong AVANGAR along the way.
On the other side, Na'vi had a somewhat easy Legends stage since all their matches so far have been against teams that ended up in the bottom eight. This makes their current form uncertain and the odds show it. Personally, I think NRG can keep their roll going and the 1.7x odds for a win are good enough for a bet for me.

Boukev's prediction: NRG to win @1.7 - bet now

Astralis vs Team Liquid

A match of titans which some have already tagged as the 'real' final of the StarLadder Berlin Major. Team Liquid have played twice as much matches in the past three months and has had a record of 54 wins and 11 losses against impressive opponents. Astralis have been taking things a bit more slowly and have had 30 matches with 18 wins and 12 losses.


To be fair, Astralis have gotten plenty of mental practise in the amazing long matches against both CR4ZY (29-31 in rounds) and NRG (28 to 31 in rounds). The major question is if these matches have been bad for their motivation or a great learning moment to get back in form.

With the bookmaker odds being mostly equal my choice is going to be made purely on a personal preference for Astralis. Have you been able to find an edge to bet on?

Boukev's prediction: Astralis to win @2.01 - bet now

Make it a combo

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A €10 combo bet on Boukev's selections would return €394.

Boukev is a CS:GO fan and member of the Luckbox community. You can read his CS:GO predictions updated regularly to help you make your selections.