StarLadder Berlin Major 2019 schedule, standings and bracket

Astralis are your Berlin Major 2019 Champions

The StarLadder Berlin Major is the second CS:GO major of 2019. The event schedule is divided into three phases, with league table standings for the New Challengers and New Legends stages, before a play-off bracket for the remaining eight teams in the New Champions Stage.

Boasting a prize pool of $1m and 24 of the world's finest CS:GO teams, the Berlin Major will be one of the highlights of the year for Counter-Strike fans. Here's everything you need to know...


Playoffs Bracket


Updated September 8th, 9.05pm CEST

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New Legends Standings

_Updated September 2nd, 08:48am CEST

New Challengers Standings

_Updated August 27th, 08:26am CEST

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Berlin Major schedule

  1. New Challengers Stage: August 23rd to August 26th
  2. New Legends Stage: August 28th to September 1st
  3. New Champions Stage: September 5th to September 8th

Times are CEST

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Playoffs stage

September 8th, Grand Final

  • AVANGAR 0-2 Astralis

September 7, Day Three

  • Renegades 0-2 AVANGAR
  • NRG Esports 0-2 Astralis

September 6, Day Two

  • NRG Esports 2-0 Natus Vincere
  • Astralis 2-0 Team Liquid

September 5, Day One

  • ENCE 0-2 Renegades
  • Team Vitality 1-2 AVANGAR

New Legends Stage

Venue: Verti Music Hall, Berlin

September 1, Day Five

  • Renegades 2-1 G2 Esports
  • Team Liquid 2-0 mousesports
  • Natus Vincere 2-1 Cr4zy

August 31, Fay Four

  • G2 1-2 AVANGAR
  • MiBR 0-2 Natus Vincere
  • Team Vitality 2-0 mousesports
  • FaZe Clan 1-2 Renegades
  • Astralis 2-1 Cr4zy
  • Team Liquid 2-0 North

August 30, Day Three

  • Natus Vincere 17-19 mousesports
  • Team Liquid 18-22 AVANGAR
  • MiBR 4-16 G2 Esports
  • FaZe Clan 9-16 Cr4zy
  • Renegades 2-0 Dreameaters
  • Ninjas in Pyjamas 0-2 North
  • ENCE 2-0 Vitality
  • Astralis 0-2 NRG Esports

August 29, Day Two

  • Renegades 13-16 AVANGAR
  • Natus Vincere 16-7 DreamEaters
  • Ninjas in Pyjamas 10-16 Cr4zy
  • North 13-16 mousesports
  • Team Liquid 9-16 NRG Esports
  • FaZe Clan 7-16 Team Vitality
  • ENCE 16-8 MiBR
  • Astralis 16-7 G2 Esports

August 28, Day One

  • Astralis 16-9 DreamEaters
  • NRG Esports 16-14 Renegades
  • Team Liquid 16-9 Cr4zy
  • Team Vitality 16-9 North
  • FaZe Clan 16-8 mousesports
  • Natus Vincere 17-19 G2 Esports
  • MiBR 16-12 Ninjas in Pyjamas

New Challengers Stage

Venue: Verti Music Hall, Berlin

August 23, Day One

  • Vitality 8-16 Syman Gaming
  • NRG 17-19 Dreameaters
  • G2 16-10 Tyloo
  • North 16-5 INTZ
  • FURIA 16-6 Hellraisers
  • Mousesports 16-6 Forze
  • Avangar 16-13 Complexity
  • Cr4zy 16-13 Grayhound


  • North 16-14 Syman Gaming
  • G2 Esports 16-9 DreamEaters
  • mousesports 19-17 AVANGAR
  • FURIA Esports 11-16 Cr4zy
  • NRG Esports 16-7 TYLOO
  • Team Vitality 16-9 INTZ
  • Complexity 5-16 HellRaisers
  • Grayhound Gaming 9-16 forZe

August 24, Day Two

  • G2 Esports 1-2 mousesports
  • Furia Esports 2-1 Cr4zy
  • Team Vitality 14-16 DreamEaters
  • NRG Esports 16-4 Syman Gaming
  • Furia Esports 10-16 forZe
  • AVANGAR 16-8 HellRaisers
  • Complexity 2-0 TYLOO
  • Grayhound Gaming 2-1 INTZ

August 25, Day Three

  • G2 Esports 2-0 forZe
  • NRG Esports 2-0 AVANGAR
  • Cr4zy 2-1 DreamEaters
  • Furia Esports 0-2 Syman Gaming
  • Complexity 0-2 Grayhound Gaming
  • Team Vitality 2-0 HellRaisers

August 26, Day Four

  • AVANGAR 2-1 Syman Gaming
  • forZe 0-2 DreamEaters
  • Team Vitality 2-1 Grayhound Gaming


Meet the New Challengers

Sixteen teams click off the Berlin Major in the New Challengers Stage, with some having better prospects than others. Tim Masters scans the field of teams hoping to make it through to the New Legends Stage...

Team Vitality

The best team in this phase, and the second best in the world, Vitality are going to be many people’s 3-0 pick for a reason. ZywOo is scary, but the team is more than just kennyS evolved now the rest have come online.


Jesus saves, and so does Jame, with AVANGAR’s star man having seen his stock fall in recent times. For a while, he was considered a great hope, but a reputation for saving and stat padding has begun to follow him around, and he needs to show up at this Major as a result.

G2 Esports

Remember kennyS and shox? They were the French guys who made you go ‘WTF?’ before ZywOo, and the great news is they still can. This is a team that should make it out of Challengers at least, but you can always rely on them to surprise you, for better or worse.

Complexity Gaming

A lot of people think it would be a surprise if Complexity made it out of this stage, but they have the funding and support of a much more successful team, and more talent than many people realise, so don’t be shocked if you see the Dallas S…sorry, Complexity in the second phase.


If you want to talk talent, this is the team with too much to be this bad, if that makes any sense. Oskar is a game winner on his own, ISSAA can do wonders, and for years people said ANGE1 was the hidden best IGL in the CIS region. They should get through, but could easily fail judging by recent months.


The other real quality of this stage, alongside Vitality, is the new Mousesports, with karrigan at the helm and ropz back on form. Due to the Team NiKo/Team karrigan thing that pundits created around the FaZe situation, they also have a lot of support from the media, which has led to them being overrated, but should make it out of Challengers fine.

NRG Esports

When they kicked daps as in-game leader to be replaced by Stanislaw, there was a lot of support for the move, but so far NRG haven’t really shown themselves to be any better than the pre-Tarik era, when one person didn’t run the team. Not making it out of Challengers would represent a failure, but their expectations can’t go far beyond that.


The Russian org forZe has been around a while, but not really made much of an impact in the past. Their recent appearance at the Rainbow Six Major took that competition by storm, and the CS team has been doing well online too. Whether they can translate that form into LAN play is the next question to be answered.

Grayhound Gaming

The Dick is out in Berlin this year, having made it to yet another Major, and at this point all you can do is enjoy the antics of Mr Stacey and his Gray mates. The ANZ side will sadly split after the Major, with erkaSt unable to secure a visa to stay in Oz, so expect them to give it their all for one last hurrah.


While the name change was not the most sensible idea, it seems as though the team now known as CR4ZY are still pretty decent, and they’ve been a team for a while now too, so you shouldn’t be surprised if they cruise sections of New Challengers. Not making it out would be a failure for this team.


FURIA Esports

If this were 2018, the Brazilian side would be coming in with no pressure and lots of fans, but things have gone a bit south for the team many proclaimed ‘the best in Brazil’ a few months ago. In a stronger Challengers stage they would be at risk, but the depth isn’t there to justify Furia falling at the first hurdle.

Syman Gaming

It’s not easy to judge some of the teams at this point, but the results suggest Syman could be in a spot of bother here, with no real wins over teams at the level you’d think required to make it out. Sure, they trade games with DreamEaters, but losses to Copenhagen Flames and HAVU suggest it might be ‘Syman says goodbye’ for this Major cycle.


There was a time when the line was ‘Tyloo can beat anyone on their day’, but it’s sadly turning the other way in 2019. Now, the Chinese superteam can lose to anyone, at any time, and while there is still a lot of talent on board they are nowhere near as scary as in previous years.



It’s frankly a bit silly that a team with the money and support North have, as well as the talent in the shape of kjaerbye and valde, find themselves in Challengers at all, but that’s the world they occupy. There is no reason for them to not make week two, and if they somehow do manage to get it wrong it should be time to blow the team up and start again.


The most experienced player on DreamEaters has had spells on Pro100 and forZe, so it’s fair to say this is a bit of a step up for the org that is a new name to many CSGO fans. There will be few more popular 0-3 picks, and if they defy that expectation it will be a decent achievement for a bunch of rookies at this level.

INTZ eSports

At this point it looks like kNgV will at least play the Berlin Major with INTZ before his long-anticipated move to MIBR finally happens. How that affects their morale here is anybody’s guess, but don’t be surprised if they collapse and make an early exit despite the players they have.

The New Legends Stage

August 28th to September 1st at Verti Music Hall, Berlin

Eight teams have already secured their place in the New Legends Stage, based on their performance at the previous Major.


The New Champions Stage bracket

September 5th to September 8th at Mercedes-Benz Arena, Berlin


The New Champions Stage is a single-elimination bracket featuring the top eight teams from the New Legends Stage. All matches are best-of-three except for the BO5 final.

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