StarCraft 2 King of Battles 2: Schedule, format and betting odds

King of Battles is back! After last year's tournament where Maru easily became champion, Alpha X's King of Battles 2 is starting in 2021. The tournament brings together the best StarCraft 2 players from Europe, South Korea and Americas together.

Last year's champion Maru is the only invited player at King of Battles 2. Remaining 15 players came from the qualifiers and will try to defeat the DH SC2 Masters Winter winner Maru. These players include big names like Serral, Rogue, Dark and many more. You can find the full list below.

South Korea is once again the region with the most representatives at King of Battles 2. There are 10 South Korean players in the tournament and in the worst case scenario, it is guaranteed that at least two South Korean players will be in the playoffs.

If you have a favourite player in King of Battles 2, you can find the odds and bet on them on Luckbox's StarCraft 2 tournaments page.

King of Battles 2 championship odds

  1. Rogue - 5.00
  2. Maru - 5.00
  3. Dark - 7.00
  4. Clem - 9.50
  5. Cure - 11.00
  6. Zest - 11.00
  7. Reynor - 11.00
  8. ByuN - 15.00
  9. Solar - 26.00
  10. Bunny - 26.00
  11. Classic - 26.00
  12. HeRoMaRinE - 36.00
  13. RagnaroK - 71.00
  14. Elazer - 101.00
  15. MaNa - 251.00

King of Battles 2 format

King of Battles 2 will begin with a group stage. In the classic dual tournament format, all matches will be best-of-three and the top 2 will advance to the playoffs. You can find the groups below.

Group A

Group B

Group C

Group D

















Top two players in each group then play in a single elimination playoffs system. The quarter-finals and semi-finals will be best of five (bo5) and the final will be best of seven as usual.

King of Battles 2 first matches

Maru (1.00) vs MaNa (11.00) - Group A, 19 November 2021 13.00 CET

Clem (1.38) vs Solar (2.70) - Group B, 19 November 2021 13.00 CET

Dark (1.53) vs Cure (2.27) - Group B, 19 November 2021 14.00 CET

Elazer (2.58) vs Bunny (1.43) - Group A, 19 November 2021 14.00 CET

Rogue (1.18) vs HeRoMaRinE (4.00) - Group C, 20 November 2021 13.00 CET

Serral (1.06) vs Classic (7.00) - Group D, 20 November 2021 13.00 CET

Ragnarok (2.60) vs Zest (1.43) - Group C, 20 November 2021 14.00 CET

ByuN (2.80) vs Reynor (1.35) - Group D, 20 November 2021 14.00 CET

King of Battles 2 schedule

The tournament will begin on 19 November. After the group stage on 19- 20 November, the entire knockout stage will be played on 21 November. Get ready for a StarCraft 2 marathon!

King of Battles 2 prize pool

King of Battles 2 has a prize pool of $15,000 and the winner will receive $4,050, but the side rewards could be even more valuable at this point. IEM Katowice 2022 is just around the corner and King of Battles 2 will distribute 1280 EPT Global Points to participants, of which the winner taking a lion's share of 250 points.

If you want to find the odds, bet on them and watch the games of this competition, you can check Luckbox’s StarCraft 2 matches page and find your favourite players.

Rogue, Maru and Dark, the South Korean trio is on top of the championship odds list of a tournament, once again. Even though his odds are even with Rogue, Maru, who recently won DreamHack SC2 Masters Winter seems to be the favourite here. With this many outstanding players, King of Battles 2 is guaranteed to be a great three-day ride! Be sure to follow us for updates and betting odds.