StarCraft 2 - GSL Super Tournament 2021: Schedule and betting odds

It's time for the very last Super Tournament of the year for StarCraft 2, the ESL Pro Tour 2021/22. 2021 AfreecaTV GSL Season 3 of the Super Tournament is about to kick off, which means the Masters Championship 2022 is approaching.

Here’s what you need to know about Super Tournament 3. In StarCraft 2's ESL Pro Tour competitive season, the world is divided into two regions, South Korea and the rest of the world, which is also divided into sub-regions. Super Tournaments are EPT Korea events where players earn ESL Pro Tour points and compete against South Korean players.

Season 3 will be the third and final tournament of the ESL Pro Tour 2021/22. All three tournaments have a prize pool of $25,600. There are also only a few chances left to collect EPT points, which players have to collect if they want to participate in the IEM Katowice, the Masters Championship.

GSL 3 players and betting odds

GSL Super Tournament 3 will include 16 South Korean SC2 players trying to win the championship. Here is the player list, sorted by betting odds:

  1. Maru - 2.73
  2. Rogue - 4.75
  3. Trap - 6.00
  4. Dark - 7.50
  5. Cure - 10.00
  6. Zest - 10.00
  7. ByuN - 13.25
  8. Dream - 15.00
  9. Zoun - 15.00
  10. RagnaroK - 23.00
  11. Solar - 23.00
  12. Creator - 31.00
  13. herO - 31.00
  14. Classic - 36.00
  15. KeeN - 46.00
  16. Ryung - 46.00

By these numbers, the winner of DreamHack SC2 Masters Winter winner and the youngest player to ever participate in a GSL, Maru, is the favourite of this tournament. Do you think he will be champion again or do you have a different opinion? Visit Luckbox's tournament page to bet on your favourite player.

GSL 3 format

In 2021 AfreecaTV GSL Super Tournament 3 qualifiers, 14 players were selected to participate. Two players, Zest and Cure, made it through the 2021 Global StarCraft 2 League Season 3 and participated in the tournament without qualifying.

The tournament will follow a single-elimination bracket. 16 participants will start in the round of 16, where they will compete in a Bo5. On the final day, the remaining two will challenge each other in a Bo7 to determine the winner.

GSL 3 schedule

GSL ST 3 will start with the round of 16 action. Here’s the detailed schedule:

Round of 16

Date and time (CET)

Player 1

Player 2

November 22, Monday 9.00 



November 22, Monday 10.30



November 22, Monday 12.00



November 22, Monday 13.30



November 25, Thursday 9.00



November 25, Thursday 10.30



November 25, Thursday 12.00



November 25, Thursday 13.30



After 16 rounds, the quarter-finals will begin on November 29. After the end of the quarter-finals, remaining players will play the semi-finals and the grand final on the same day. That will take place on December 2, Thursday. So if you are a fan, mark your calendar now.