Spirit Breaker: The Spacecow wreaking havoc

Another hero that’s been making heads turn in the Dota 2 competitive circuit is Barathrum – The Spirit Breaker. The spacecow has been wreaking havoc amongst the enemy ranks and is rising in popularity.

But why? Let’s find out.

Spirit Breaker: Buffs

Spirit Breaker got a buff in the latest patch that has got his stats to a relatively balanced level. For starters, his movement speed was marginally increased by +5, whereas his base strength got increased by +1.

Similarly, Spirit Breaker’s talents have also gotten better. “Bulldoze” talent is now available at level 15 as opposed to level 20 previously. The cooldown reduction for the same, allows him to have 70% status reduction majority of the time and that makes him a viable pick.

Spirit Breaker: Items

Aghanim's Sceptre is the real reason why Spirit Breaker is relatively “busted”. The Aghanim buff is incredibly strong on this hero since his ultimate can now pierce through Black King Bar and through magic immunity.

Historically speaking, Spirit Breaker has always been a strong hero against magic immunity, but now with the added bonus of Aghanim’s Shard, he is able to break strong passives of countless heroes.

Spirit Breaker: Escape

Image Source: Valve

Spirit Breaker’s laning stage is comparatively okay and not as strong as one would like it to be. That’s not where the hero shines though. While his laning stage is okayish, it’s his escape prowess that works in favour.

Thanks to his ability “charge of darkness”, Spirit Breaker has the capability of escaping any ganks with ease, making it very difficult to shut him down. It requires great presence of mind to stop him from escaping.

Similarly, he can also set up fights and provide vision in an aggressive manner through his charge that can come in handy at any given time.

Spirit Breaker: Harassing

Another special ability of Spirit Breaker, in conjunction with select items, such as Orb of Corrosion and Echo Sabre can cause mayhem to the enemies.

The Charge of Darkness not only grants him insane movement speed to escape or set-up a gank, but also gives him the ability to mini-stun the “charged” target and if RNG is with him, then converting the mini-stun to a long duration stun via “bash”.

As a strength hero, having high hp and attack damage, and combined with the aforementioned items, Spirit Breaker not only gets tanky but also extremely scary and an annoyance to play against.

You don’t believe me? Then check out the most recent DPC 2021-22 game between Team Nigma versus Tundra Esports – with a Spirit Breaker mid.

Spirit Breaker: Conclusion

So what makes Spirit Breaker a good pick right now? Well, a good few things.

He’s naturally tanky and thus can become a good front liner. He’s useful in setting up passive or aggressive ganks, and is also great at making escapes.

He’s a great anti-carry and can inflict heavy damage in the early stages of the game. His 70% status reduction and flexible item build allows Spirit Breaker to flex himself in more than one direction.

Overall, a solid pick in the current meta. Perhaps you should give it a try as well.

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