Soniqs win North American League 2021 Season Finals

Rainbow Six Siege's European League 2021 tournament continues, while North American League 2021 has ended. Soniqs are the winner of the tournament.

Soniqs won the grand prize of $75,000 in the tournament, held offline in the United States. The final of the European League will be played on December 19.

North American League 2021 Season Finals results








DarkZero Esports



Spacestation Gaming


Oxygen Esports

Although it was a short tournament, the North American League 2021 Season Finals was full of surprises. First, let's take a look at the semifinal match between Oxygen Esports and Soniqs. Looking at the recent performances, Oxygen Esports seemed to be one step ahead. They also won the Oregon map with a score of 8-7, and started Bo3 with an advantage. But they lost 7-8 and 4-7 at Clubhouse and Coastline respectively, and as a result Soniqs made it to the finals with a solid comeback.

There was also a surprise comeback in the other match. Spacestation Gaming was the favourite before the encounter. Just like the other game of the semifinals, they started Bo3 ahead with a score of 8-7. DarkZero, on the other hand, did not admit defeat and advanced to the final by winning 4-7 twice in a row.

The confrontation between DarkZero and Soniqs in the final started on the Bank map. Soniqs won 7-5 on this map and started Bo3 ahead. In the second map, Clubhouse. Soniqs won 8-7, although it went into overtime, became the champion and won the $75,000 prize.

European League 2021 Finals continues

Soniqs won the tournament in North America, but an exciting competition continues in the European League. BDS Esports eliminating G2 Esports and Team Empire eliminating NAVI were matched in the final. On December 19 at 16:00 CET, the final match between BDS Esports and Team Empire will be played. At 13:00 CET on the same day, G2 Esports and NAVI will compete for the third place.

How was the North American League for you? Who is your favourite in the European League? You can follow the matches of your favourite team on the matches page of Luckbox and place bets. Don't forget to also check out our tournaments page.