Sneyking on EternalEnvy, trusting the process and the PandaS' aims

Ahead of the WePlay! Bukovel Minor, Fighting PandaS' Wu “Sneyking” Jingjun sheds light on his career in the past year, trials and tribulations, his thoughts on partnering up with Dota 2’s prodigal son EternalEnvy and more

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Since TI8, you’ve had to face some rough times professionally. Over the course of one year leading to TI9, you’ve been in multiple teams and have had less success as compared to your time at J.Storm. Take us through the events that transpired during that timeline?

Success is never easy to come by and is not something you can ask for, either. I try my best to do what I think is optimal and iteratively try to improve that process and whatever result I get is what I get, and I am happy with that. With that said, obviously, having more suboptimal results than previously in J.Storm is something that will bother anybody - myself included.

But I try to not let the end justify the means and focus on the process more. I firmly believe that with a good working process that allows one to consistently to improve, success is inevitable.



I believe that this team still has potential to do well

You teamed up with your ex-teammates and competed at TI9 as NewBee. After a great start in the group-stages, the team faltered after losing to OG in the upper bracket and the momentum was lost. Did the OG result demoralise the team?

The loss was obviously bad for morale of the team but we didn’t take it too hard, many of us there at the time were veterans of the game. A couple losses shouldn’t tilt anyone too far from the baseline of their normal habit and it didn’t for us. In fact, a similar set of events happened just the year prior and it didn’t then and it wouldn’t now.

Moving on, you’re now playing for Fighting PandaS alongside your ex-teammate EternalEnvy. How did this team come together?

Envy approached many of us directly and had convinced us more or less that this was going to be a good team, and I think that statement still holds true. I believe that this team still has potential to do well and we have to just keep grinding and one day we will prove ourselves.


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You competed with the team at MDL Chengdu Major. Despite the poor results, it must have been a good experience for the team as a whole. What was your biggest takeaway from the tournament as a team and as a player?

I am not going to speak on behalf of the other players but the biggest takeaway from the tournament for me was that the game and meta can change very quickly. If you are not paying close attention and not able to adapt quickly, you might be left behind or be possibly ran over by the other teams. For example, the Night Stalker hero was virtually a undiscovered hero prior to the tournament to many teams.

However, as the tournament progressed the hero was virtually a first phase ban or picked hero for many teams. If you are not able to replicate or counter the hero you will be a huge draft disadvantage.

Speaking of tournaments, you’ll be participating in the WePlay! Bukovel Minor next. How were your preparations for the event?

The preparation for this event is less than ideal for two reasons. First is the fact that we didn't have a sponsor so we were not be able to train in a LAN setting beforehand and not be able to arrive at the minor early to adjust for jetlag.

Secondly, since the tournament quickly begins after new years, meaning we weren't able to practice a lot beforehand as the holiday disrupts the practice regiment and is something that we will have to overcome.

I believe we have a good shot at possibly taking the title

Going into the Minor, which team do you think will be the biggest threat to you or the favourites to win the event? Also, what are the chances of Fighting PandaS taking the coveted last slot for the DreamLeague Major?


Nigma is probably everybody’s first choice in winning the tournament. It is a very talented and proven roster that has worked for many years. But despite the fact that our opponent are strong, we have some very skilled veterans on our team as well and I believe we have a good shot at possibly taking the title.

Fighting PandaS have not played in a big tournament such as the ONE Esports Singapore invitational - do you think that poses as a disadvantage?

Generally speaking, having more LAN participation is good for the health of a team as long as it is not too frequent. LAN participation gives you new perspective of what people are doing in the other regions and allows you to grow as a team at a much faster rate.

With that said, we are obviously going to be a bit handicapped in comparison to some of the teams playing in the tournament but that is OK, we will have to make up for it in other ways.


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The Minor will be played on the new patch. How excited are you playing on the new patch and how do you think it’ll help dictate the meta?

I think the new patch added a much-needed new breath of air into the game. I think it will be a very fun tournament with how pretty much everything is viable in this patch and it is up to the team on how creative they want to be.

But, as the tournament progresses, there will always be a couple heroes or strategy that dictates the meta and that is something we will have to account and adjust for.

Success is a culmination of your everyday life and there are really no shortcuts

How have you evolved as a person and as a player in the past two years?

A couple years ago, I didn’t believe in the process of consistently trying to be a bit better than the day before. But now, at the end of the day this is all anyone can really ask for from any competitor.

Your team and you iteratively improve day by day and whoever improves more and is the better team that day wins. Before, I always thought you needed to get lucky or there was shortcuts to success. But in reality, success is a culmination of your everyday life and there are really no shortcuts.


What are your thoughts on the slot allocation for the Majors? Do you feel it is justified that NA has lost a slot to SEA?

Obviously, I would prefer if I had another slot for the majors and, in fact, we would have qualified for the major instead of the minor. However, SEA did win the major, so perhaps that justifies in them having an extra slot.

Ultimately, it doesn’t bother me that much, as long as I get to play and there is something to improve daily for is something that I am content with.

How do you rate the current open qualifier system for DPC events?

I do think that it is very unfortunate that teams like OG.S and LGD do not get a second chance to prove themselves in the major-minor system. But it just sucks to suck, because I think the system is great.

The system rewards teams that are working hard and punishes teams that are taking breaks or forms late into the DPC year. There was no freebie handouts to those who took a break in the first DPC cycle unlike previously where the invite system was very subjective.

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I am still a toxic pub player, like many players you know, but I try to be a bit better each day

Alright, that’s a wrap. All the best for the Minor. Anything you’d like to say?

I just want to give a shoutout to my family and fans who have supported me all this time and also apologise to those I have hurt along the way to the top. I am still a toxic pub player, like many players you know, but I try to be a bit better each day. Thanks.

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