Smile to the camera: handbook of esports streaming

Similar to every dream of people who work for a long years and are eager to have a peaceful and quiet retirement life on a seaside, most of the esports players also want to start a new and more chill career after 10+ hours of training the same game everyday for years.

Well, their solution is mostly being a streamer on several known dashboarding websites or being a coach and using their experiences for upcoming esports players.

If you are about to retire and want to build a streaming career for yourself, here is your guide cap’.

Dashboarding apps

In order to start your streamings, you would need to have a streaming app so you can present your screen to your viewers. There are a lot of apps which provide you to publish live streaming with several different specialities.

After you decide which app you want to use for your streamings, there are more things that you should care about.


First things first, we should start our list with the “musts” to at least be able to open a stream. As you can guess, you will need a fancy computer to improve your quality of streams. A perfect computer means a fluent stream, which is going to make your followers see some high-class streaming.

Stream Deck

Stream deck can be described as a device which helps you to change the screen with one easy tap from device or use any function that you can set up to the buttons, such as showing a video on stream.

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Streamers with a huge fan base mostly use products that their sponsors present them with. Before you come to that step, you will need some cool, rgb kind of keyboard and mouse, which is going to improve your gaming experience and create an idea for your followers that you know about playing or at least equipment.

What we exactly mean with this sentence is that just imagine a streamer, who is using an old keyboard and mouse which were created in the same year when people found out how to make fire. What would your first impression be?


Let them see your beautiful face. A camera would show you are more professional in your streams and it can be improved with some good cameras that have amazing colour settings and other special effects to show your face more clearly.

Streamers without cameras are generally described as amateurs or beginners and we bet that as an old esports player, you already passed that time.

A successful esports career

All the things we have talked about till now was also including the ones who are eager to have a streaming career but from now on, it is all about new esports players.

One of the most important things for streaming are numbers signifying the amount of people that are following you, people that have subscribed to your channel and the general number of viewers generating on your streams.

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You would have a big advantage to have your own fansbase and improve the numbers that we have talked about if you had a memorable esports career. For sure, you would have some fans from your esports career and these people would still be following you when you start your streaming life.

That is why, esports players who would like to get into streaming life should be aware that you need to have a career which can be described as successful ones, thanks to prize money, trophies or in-game performance.

Including the ones who would like to have a career in dashboarding which plays a quite important role in the gaming industry, we also prepared this article for the old esports players that are looking to share their experiences.

We wish you success in your new career.

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