Smash Ultimate Summit 2: Heal the world

Smash Summit is pretty much the pinnacle of the esport these days, and Smash Ultimate Summit 2 is shaping up to be potentially the be the biggest event in the esports history of Smash.

There is no doubt moments such as Shiz v Mew2King or that Apex where the roof fell in will probably be more famous long term, but Smash Ultimate Summit unites the biggest names from a few different scenes under one roof.

It’s fantastic to see Leffen and Armada alongside the likes of Tweek, MKLeo and zackray, and both Swedes have proved they have upset potential, if not maybe the ability to win the entire event.

Nintendo has also been supporting the esports side more and more, and if Summit pulls off another great event sans controversy this could be a tipping point for Ultimate at least. The schedule is set, the players are ready, but who will win?


Leo vs the World

The best player in the world right now is MKLeo, and that’s pretty much accepted by the majority. He’s not so dominant that there is no chance he loses here, but the first Summit demonstrated that when it comes to performing under pressure Mexico’s finest is a step ahead of the rest. There is a lot more to his overall supremacy, but the ability to play his best game in finals is a massive boon to being a true winner.

The last Summit saw Liquid’s Dabuz and Team Solary’s Glutonny take second and third respectively, and the glory of the tournament is that people like the Frenchman (Glutonny) and Japan’s finest can get comfortable, without a home crowd to worry about. With the amount of top level practice everyone gets, it’s a chance to show who has the best peak, and there are definitely names in good form coming into the event.

That unpredictability is what makes Summit so exciting

NRG’s Nairo has been playing very well recently, grinding on stream vs top level talent and taking a major title at Mainstage, where he defeated MKLeo in Grand Finals and outranked the likes of Marss and Light. His character diversity and strong mentality will stand him in good stead here, and he’ll want revenge against zackray after being eliminated by the Japanese prodigy at The Big House 9.

International rescue

Normally, you have a big three or four that look like favourites, and the rest are making up the numbers, but not here. Beyond the likes of Leo, Nairo and zackray, you have Tweek invited and still arguably the world’s second best player on his day, the enduring form of ESAM, who seems to never age as Smash games come and go, and many more.

Dabuz, VoiD, Marss, Samsora, Tea and more would all be considered strong favourites at a lot of A-tier and S-tier events, showing just how insane the standard is going to be at Smash Ultimate Summit 2.


That unpredictability is what makes Summit so exciting, and long term the best outcome would probably be a winner from outside NA. The Melee scene was basically about two nations for years, and the lack of international competition has harmed the depth long term, a problem Ultimate doesn’t currently have.

If we get a winner from EU or even Japan, we could go into 2020 with the most internationally diverse Smash scene we’ve ever had, and that would be a great thing for the future of the esport.

When is Smash Summit?

Smash Ultimate Summit 2 will be held from October 24th 2019 to October 27th 2019 at the BTS House in Los Angeles.

Pictures: MKLeo / Twitter and Nairo / Twitter.