SKADE wins Pinnacle Cup III

Pinnacle Cup III is over. Defeating CPH Flames in the final, SKADE won the grand prize of $80,000.

SKADE and CPH Flames' journey to the grand final and what happened in the grand final is in our article.

CPH Flames progressed well to grand final

In the Swiss Stage, CPH Flames defeated Ninjas in Pyjamas, Endpoint and Anonymo Esports. Their only defeat was against BLUEJAYS. With this performance, they finished third.

Endpoint was the first opponent of CPH Flames in the playoffs. Finishing both games ahead 16-8, CPH Flames advanced to the Pinnacle Cup III quarterfinals. Here, they faced ENCE, who were included in the quarterfinals of the Pinnacle Cup III. With their amazing performances against ENCE, CPH Flames advanced to the semifinals with a score of 2-0.

CPH Flames' toughest match on the way to the final was against Dignitas in the semi-finals. Although the CPH Flames won the Vertigo by 16-10 CPH Flames, Dignitas prevailed 3-16 on Overpass. A win on the Nuke map took CPH Flames to the grand final.

Playoffs were easier for SKADE than the Swiss Stage

SKADE lost to KOVA Esports in their first match on the Swiss Stage. They finished fifth with wins against Tricked Esport, MAD Lions and Into The Breach.

Playoffs were quite easy for SKADE. They first encountered MOUZ NXT. The 2-0 win took them to the quarterfinals. They were matched with Team Vitality, who entered the tournament from the quarterfinals. After two exciting encounters, SKADE won 2-0. They won 16-13 on Overpass and 16-10 on Nuke.

Their last rivals before the grand final was Tricked Esport. SKADE, who won the first match easily 16-4, won the great match on the Nuke 16-14 and advanced to the grand finals.

One-sided grand final

The first map of the grand final was Overpass. SKADE defeated their opponent by a magnificent score of 16-4. CPH Flames, who were also defeated 16-6 in Nuke, easily lost the championship to SKADE.

Pinnacle Cup III is over, but the beautiful Counter-Strike: Global Offensive tournaments continue non-stop. Stay tuned to Luckbox for information on all these tournaments.

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