Shox and SmithZz have teamed up to form a new CS:GO team

It seems there's a new team on the CS:GO scene, as Richard "⁠shox⁠" Papillon has announced that he has teamed up with former teammate Edouard "⁠SmithZz⁠" Dubourdeaux, in order to put together a roster that can make it all the way to the the Paris Major.

shox and SmithZz launch new CS:GO professional team

Making the announcement on his stream, shox revealed that while he had been in contact with multiple existing teams, he ultimately chose to form his own. The player has apparently been in discussions with LDLC, but chose not to join the team as would rather take control and lead a team, something he would be unable to do with LDLC's existing structure.

The former Apeks player also rejected the possibility of joining Team Falcons, shox said that he didn't want to team up with Kenny "⁠kennyS⁠" Schrub and Nathan "⁠NBK-⁠" Schmitt, arguing that it had "been done and redone."

Instead, he chose to partner with SmithZz, alongside three newcomers to the CS:GO scene, to form their own team. For his part, SmithZz added that he had been brought in so that the team could make use of his experience until things stabilise with the new players, after which he will move into a more managerial role.

Joining shox and SmithZz on the currently-unnamed team are former GenOne hybrid AWPer Jeremy "⁠Kursy⁠" Gast, Ryan "⁠Neityu⁠" Aubry and Paul "⁠day0s⁠" Niel. The roster will also be helped out by Boris "⁠flex0r⁠" Latry, who joins in a part-time capacity as an assistant coach.

The team's ambition for this year is to qualify for the Paris Major via open qualifiers and the RMR tournaments. Should they prove successful, it will mark an incredible return to the CS:GO scene for shox, who has a legendary player among many fans - particularly in his home country. In fact, alongside SmithZz, shox was a part of the LDLC roster that was crowned the champions of DreamHack Winter 2014.

The Paris Major, the first to take place in France, is due to run from May 8 to May 21 this year. There's plenty of CS:GO action to be had before then too, however. We're just one week away from the first tournament of the year - with the BLAST Premier Spring Groups due to begin on January 19. You can see the full CS:GO match schedule right here, and remember to claim your free 100% bonus!