Shocks reveal true depth of talent at TI8

The action was turned up to eleven last night at the eighth International, and we don’t mean the Vici Gaming player. After some fairly interesting results over the course of the last few days, we got to the upper bracket quarter finals, and everything we’d learned about TI8 to this point went out of the window, to be replaced by thrilling unpredictability.

The first upper bracket game of the night saw defending champions Team Liquid take on the last Chinese team standing in winner’s side, PSG.LGD. The game was expected to be a cracking contest, and many thought the Chinese players had a chance if they did their best, but in the end the contest was about as close as Donald and Melania Trump, with PSG.LGD handing the holders their metaphorical arses on a plate.

It wasn’t ever that close between the two, with the scoreline 2-0 and the second game in particular being a really dominant win for PSG. Until this point Liquid had looked really good, with only Evil Geniuses able to keep pace in Group A, but the fact is that at the point where teams have reached the quarter finals there are no easy games left, and anyone can beat anyone else.

On that note, it is interesting to observe the crossover between those people who are convinced the group draws were unbalanced and those people who were convinced Virtus.pro would win the event from winners side. Today, VP will face OpTic Gaming in the lower bracket, and they are joined in the same half by another side backed by many to go all the way.

EG fall to OG

Evil Geniuses are in control of a lot of the world at the moment, and the org looked to be in control of their group too, with an impressive finish to match the defending champions. Unfortunately, last night the EG boys got out-G’d by the original G’s, OG, in a best of 3 that is a strong contender for the outstanding series of TI8 so far.

The first game was fully in OG’s favour, and game two looked to be a real challenge for EG too as the draft didn’t exactly go in their favour. Even with the star power on their side, EG never looked to dominate the series, but were able to pull it back to 1-1 before dropping game 3 to their opponents. With the level of spice between the two, it is hard to say one side is definitely better based on one series, but once again it goes to demonstrate the incredible strength in Dota 2.

This all comes at a time when CSGO is in a rut, with many of the top teams having massive flaws and Astralis the best side in the world by a distance, and speaks of a bright future for the game. Add that to new stars, like the ones on Team Serenity and Winstrike, arriving, and the state of Dota 2 is something to be admired by all other communities, as is usual for this time of year.

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