Sentinels shoots down rumours about joining the LCS

It seems that anyone hoping that Sentinels would be expanding into League of Legends will be disappointed, as a recent report has shot down the rumours that the organisation was eyeing up an LCS spot.

Sentinels won't be launching a League of Legends team

Rumours of Sentinels joining the LCS emerged following reports that Counter Logic Gaming could be looking to sell its LCS slot, while the future of TSM in League of Legends is similarly looking dubious.

Rumours that Sentinels were in discussions to acquire an LCS slot - either with CLG, or directly with Riot Games - emerged earlier this week. The story originated from  Robert “Sorenzen” Hanes, president & co-founder of The Game Haus and host of the podcast Talking TSM.

In a tweet posted on April 3, Sorenzen claimed that he had heard rumorus of Sentinels moving "quickly" to secure an LCS spot. In a subsequent tweet posted on April 4, Sorzen elaborated that Sentinels had inquired about the price of an LCS spot from numerous teams looking to leave the league.

This led many to assume that Sentinels had been in discussions with either TSM or Counter Logic Gaming, with both of their LCS ambitions seemingly due to come to an end soon.

The rumours were shot down in a report from The Esports Advocate, who spoke to an unnamed "high-ranking employee" at Sentinels. According to the anonymous employee, Sentinels is not actively speaking to "anyone" about the LCS, despite apparently acknowledging the opportunities presented by organisations leaving the league due to financial difficulties.

Sentinels already manages teams across multiple esports titles, such as Apex Legends, VALORANT and Halo Infinite. Therefore, it was hardly unexpected that such an organisation could be looking to expand into League of Legends - but it seems that it's not on the cards, at least for now.

The situation in the LCS is hardly ideal right now. The LCS is already one of the less popular leagues in League of Legends, and now the likes of TSM and Counter Logic Gaming - two organisations that have been a mainstay of the league for years - seem set to depart. Fans were no doubt hoping that a high-profile organisation would be stepping in to fill the seemingly soon-to-be vacant positions, but it seems that Sentinels isn't interested right now.

With or without Sentinels, the League of Legends esports scene continues on, however. You can follow along with everything in LoL via our upcoming League of Legends match schedule. And to make the most of your League of Legends betting experience, why not sign up to claim your free 100% bonus?