Sentinels knocked out of VCT 2021 Champions

The group stage of VCT 2021 Champions is coming to an end with the last qualification matches. However, we have already seen an upset: once VALORANT’s best team ever, Sentinels, was defeated by KRÜ Esports and will take the flight home early. Sentinels joined Keyd Stars, FURIA Esports, Crazy Raccoon and FULL SENSE with this result, and three more teams will join them today.

Sentinels’ performance already dropped during Masters Berlin, where they were first bested by G2 Esports and then by Team Envy in the quarterfinals, leaving the tournament earlier than expected. However, the hopes of Sentinels’ fans were the team getting themselves together for the best VALORANT tournament ever, Champions 2021. Defeated by KRÜ, Sentinels’ story has turned into a nightmare rather quickly. Find more details about Sentinels’ game and the remaining groups below.

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Sentinels vs KRÜ

All the reason such a match happened was due to KRÜ’s dedication, and Team Liquid being a much better team with the addition of Nivera. Why? Think of it like a domino effect. After getting defeated by TL 2-0, KRÜ’s dedication saved them from getting eliminated by FURIA, defeating them 2-1. On the other side, TL defeated NA’s number one team 2-1, which created the last qualification match of Group B, Sentinels vs KRÜ.

However, KRÜ’s dedication would be challenged once more. Led by ShahZaM and SicK, Sentinels won the first map Fracture 13-7. Showing incredible strength and persistence, KRÜ managed to make it 1-1 in the second map, winning it with such a close score as 13-11. They came back from 8-4 in the second half, and took the series to the third map.

On Split, Sentinels once again started with an advantage. Coming into the second half, NA’s number one team was ahead 8-4, just like Haven. However, KRÜ turned it around once again with the same score. Winning the second half 9-3, giving Sentinels no more than needed to end it without extra time, KRÜ moved on to the quarterfinals.

Props to KRÜ Esports, they have done something incredible. But I want to talk about Sentinels. I still believe Sentinels is a very good team, and pieces like ShahZaM, SicK, TenZ and more are still valuable. However, what I was afraid that Sentinels would go through happened. They couldn’t handle not being the best team and not winning everything in Masters Berlin. Next year, with more tournaments incorporated, Sentinels should be an even better team, if they keep their roster.

What is next at Champions 2021?

The group stage will end with the last three qualification matches at Champions 2021. We will see teams fighting for the last few spots, and there will be blood. After seeing how brutal it went at Sentinels vs KRÜ, underdogs will have more confidence and teams with the upper hand like Envy or Vision Strikers will have to work harder.

Vision Strikers and Cloud9 Blue’s group draw was a bit unlucky for those teams. They will have to go through a major region to get the quarterfinals spot. Both teams were defeated by Fnatic 2-1, so although Vision Strikers look like they are better than C9, it isn’t going to be an easy one.

Team Vikings vs Team Secret is the lucky draw of the tournament. Both of these teams would probably struggle to go through a major region representative, but they will face a team that is on a similar level with them. It’s hard to guess anything about this matchup, but it will probably be a fun one.

Team Envy vs X10 Crit looks like a one-sided matchup. However, seeing what KRÜ has done to Sentinels, you can never say X10 Crit hasn’t got a chance. We will have to wait and see.

You can find the full schedule below and visit Luckbox’s match page to bet on the games.

Vision Strikers (1.60) vs Cloud9 Blue (2.14) - December 7, 15.00 CET

Team Vikings (1.62) vs Team Secret (2.11) - December 7, 18.00 CET

Team Envy (1.08) vs X10 Crit (6.00) - December 7, 21.00 CET