LEC 2022 Spring Week 5 schedule and betting odds: Second phase begins

The first four weeks of LEC Spring 2022 is over, and now, we are heading to the second phase of the league. All the teams have faced each other at least once, and Rogue has shown that they are the dominant figure of Spring 2022 with their 9-0 record. Starting from this week, they will try to prove it wasn’t a fluke.

Contrary to Rogue, Astralis sits at the bottom of the league with 9 losses, without being able to reach any wins this season and they don’t look like they could get one any time soon. While there is no close competitor to Rogue, the playoff race is very dense where all 8 teams have a chance to make it. Let’s find out what happened in week 4, and what will happen in week 5.

LEC Spring 2022 Week 4 recap

Week 4 started with SK Gaming vs Astralis, where AST handed out SK their second win of the season. Rogue then defeated the underperforming Excel. Even though XL brought in Mikyx from G2 Esports before the season’s end, it wasn’t enough to help them get a win against Rogue.

LEC’s superteam Team Vitality crushed Misfits in a game which started evenly, but after the mid game, it went to VIT’s side. G2 Esports vs Team BDS was a nightmare for top lane mains. BrokenBlade and Jankos totally bullied Adam’s Irelia, and although he was able to catch up later on, the gap between the teams was too big to close down. Slowly but surely, G2 Esports managed to find themselves a win and stay close to Rogue before their match.

Fnatic finished the day by defeating MAD Lions, in a game where Reeker’s Renekton pick definitely backfired and MAD wasn’t able to utilize Zeri well. Elyoya’s good performances and Armut being reliable as always is still a good thing for MAD Lions but they won’t have many chances if they don’t start getting better now, Elyoya can’t carry everything.

Next day, we saw Misfits win against SK Gaming, MAD Lions defeat Team BDS and Team Vitality find their fifth win against Astralis. The fun part began just after that, at the game between Fnatic and Excel. Surprising Fnatic with their confident gameplay, XL took the relieving win while Fnatic prayed for Rogue to stay as the best team of LEC to defeat G2.

Rogue really did that, just as how they bested most of the teams in the LEC, they utterly stomped G2 Esports to find the last win of the first phase. G2 just wasn’t able to stop Larssen’s Corki with Malrang playing such a great frontline with Xin Zhao.

LEC Spring 2022 Week 5 schedule and betting odds

Now, the teams have to refresh their minds and focus on the games up ahead because this is the time for a reset. Everyone will face each other once more, and if you want to be the team that stops Rogue, this is your chance. You can find the schedule and the betting odds for the fifth week below, courtesy of Luckbox:

Friday, 11 February

Team BDS vs Misfits Gaming - 18.00 CET
Rogue vs Astralis - 19.00 CET
Team Vitality vs Excel Esports - 20.00 CET
SK Gaming vs Fnatic - 21.00 CET
MAD Lions vs G2 Esports - 22.00 CET

Saturday, 12 February

Team BDS vs Excel Esports - 17.00 CET
SK Gaming vs MAD Lions - 18.00 CET
Rogue vs Misfits Gaming - 19.00 CET
G2 Esports vs Astralis - 20.00 CET
Team Vitality vs Fnatic - 21.00 CET

Obviously, there are a few matchups that catch the eye in the fifth week. While Rogue plays against Astralis, the focus is on the playoffs race rather than the leader. Team Vitality will face Excel that are just below their placement, with the addition of Mikyx. On the last game of the first day, G2 Esports will face MAD Lions, a team that easily defeated them in the first week of the LEC. MAD would definitely want to level their score with G2 Esports by taking their sixth win.

On the second day, the undefeated leader will face Misfits Gaming, a playoff competitor. While Rogue definitely looks better than MSF, it would be a huge boost to defeat the leader, so MSF would surely focus on that game during their training this week.

The last game of the second day will see Team Vitality vs Fnatic, a matchup where Fnatic won the first round. With their loss against Fnatic, Vitality had a 0-3 start in week 1. After that, they’ve been able to win 5 games. VIT wants to fix that in the second phase, while Fnatic wants to play up to their potential because no one expected them to lose three games this season.

There is a surprise for week 5, the players are returning to the studio! Find out the announcement below:

LEC 2022 Spring Week 5 standings

If you still can’t be sure of what you should expect from week five, here are the current standings of LEC for you to understand the situation better.

Placements Teams Scores
1 Rogue 9-0
2 G2 Esports 6-3
3 Fnatic 6-3
4 MAD Lions 5-4
4 Misfits Gaming 5-4
4 Team Vitality 5-4
7 Excel Esports 4-5
8 Team BDS 3-6
9 SK Gaming 2-7
10 Astralis 0-9


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