SC2 2022 GSL Season 1: Code S Group Stage 2 schedule and betting odds

Day by day, Group stages of Code S are getting closer to the end. After all matches are done, Round of 6 and Playoffs will be waiting for us. So far, all players in the groups have played two matches.

We will have all the answers for Round of 6 after the last match on April 21.

Group A

Five matches will be like this in Group A:

April 18:

ByuN (1.68) vs RagnaroK (2.10): 11:30 CEST

Trap (1.17) vs Ryung (4.20): 12:15 CEST

Rogue (1.35) vs ByuN (3.00): 13:00 CEST

RagnaroK (1.48) vs Ryung (2.50): 13:45 CEST

Rogue (1.55) vs Trap (2.30): 14:30 CEST

So far, it is hard to say that ByuN made a good start to the group. Firstly losing against Trap and later to Ryung, ByuN is standing in last place of Group A. Now, he will play against RagnaroK on April 18. He is going as the favourite and will push hard to register his first win.

We all know about how Trap’s capacity for this game is limitless. With his unique playstyle, he is a player who can surprise all of us. He has lost to RagnaroK in his previous outing and has a win against ByuN so far. He has another chance to add a second win to the table.

Only unbeaten and two-match winning player in Group A is Zerg player Rogue. Beating RagnaroK and Ryung on the first day, he stood on the top of Group A. Now, he is going as the favourite against ByuN.

Last match of the day will be a big competition since Rogue and Trap are both amazing players. Rogue is still going as the favourite of the match and if he can beat ByuN, he will have a chance to go to Round of 6 as an unbeaten player.

Group B

Here are the all Group B matches:

April 21:

DRG vs Maru: 11:30 CEST

Creator vs herO: 12:15 CEST

DRG vs Dark: 13:00 CEST

Maru vs herO: 13:45 CEST

Creator vs Dark: 14:30 CEST

First match will be between DRG and Maru. While DRG has one win and one loss and stands as the second player of Group B, Maru hasn't been able to find any win. This will be a big opportunity for Maru to redeem himself.

Two Protoss players, Creator and herO, will play the second match of Group B. Winning both matches, Creator is the only unbeaten player of the group and is first in his group. He might as well add another win to this name.


Zerg players DRG and Dark will hold a match together. So far, both players have one win and one loss in Group B. Checking the scores, this match plays a very important role for both players to put their name to the top.

Last match is between Creator and Dark. As we have mentioned, Creator is performing well in the groups and he looks eager to go for Round of 6 without any loss.

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