SC 2 2022 GSL Season 1: Code S Semifinals schedule and betting odds

One of the most exciting tournaments in StarCraft 2 is Code S which begun on March 21 and there are only a few days left until the final on May 5. So far only four players remain in the tournament and only two of them will be able to proceed to the final.

From the 6-player round of the playoffs, Rouge and Creator are in. After finishing their groups in the first round, Trap and Dark have entered the playoffs directly. The matches will be played on April 27.

Playoffs schedule and betting odds

In GSL Season 1 2022, the pairings were as follows: Code S Semifinals:

Trap (1.30) vs Creator (3.20): April 28, 11:30 CEST

Dark (1.95) vs Rogue (1.75): April 28, 13:00 CEST

Trap vs Creator

Trap entered the tournament along with 15 others from the qualification phase. In Group D, he won two games and lost one, finishing his group second. This is how he got into Group A of Group Stage 2. This time he finished first in his group with 3 wins and one loss and thus went straight into the playoffs.

Like Trap, Creator also joined Code S from the qualifiers. In the same group as Trap, he finished the stage without a loss and with a win, which put him into Group Stage 2. In Group B he was 3 points behind Dark, so he finished the group in second place. This way he participated in the round of 6. He beat RagnaroK in the decider match and met Trap in the semi-finals.

If you compare these two pros, Trap comes closest to winning, as he has not had a single loss to Creator in two years. In 16 matches, Trap has always won and only suffered three defeats to Creator.

Dark vs Rogue

Dark is the only player who made the playoffs by participating in Code S from the AfreecaTV GSL Super Tournament 1 2022. As such, he was part of Group A and advanced to the next round with two wins. In Group Stage 2, Dark finished on top and went straight into the playoffs.

In the qualifying rounds, Rogue was in Group C of Group Stage 1. He managed to get two wins and took part in Group Stage 2. Trailing Trap by one point, he finished second in Group A and advanced to the Round of 6. His opponent there was Creator and by defeating 3-1, he advanced to the playoffs.

As for the match between Dark and Rouge, we can expect a very close series. If you look at the tournament results, both players have made great progress and got to this stage. If we look at their competitions in the last two years, Rouge has 10 wins and 7 losses against Dark. So far he is also the favourite of the match and with this match he could add the 11th win.

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