Saudi Arabia wants to be the global hub of esports by 2030

Mohammed bin Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud, Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia, wants to make Saudi Arabia the global hub of the gaming and esports industry by 2030 as he unveiled the National Gaming and Esports Strategy.

This strategy is included in Saudi Arabia's Vision 2030 and diversifies the economy. It creates new business opportunities in different sectors and provides world-class entertainment to citizens, residents and visitors.

New strategy means new opportunities

Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Salman made a statement regarding the new strategy: “The National Gaming and Esports Strategy is driven by the creativity and energy of our citizens and gamers, who are at the heart of the strategy. We are delivering on the ambitions of the gaming community in Saudi Arabia and around the world, with an exciting new career, and unique entertainment opportunities; aiming to make Saudi Arabia the ultimate global hub for this sector by 2030.”

This strategy includes objectives that will directly affect citizens, the private sector, fans and game industry professionals. It enhances the players experience, opens up new entertainment opportunities, and benefits the economy tremendously.

In addition, by 2030, 39,000 new direct and indirect job opportunities will be created. Moreover, Saudi Arabia plans to enter the esports industry with more than 30 competitive games to be developed in its own studios. It is estimated that these will play an important role in improving the position of Saudi Arabia on the international stage. They plan to be among the three countries with the highest number of esports players.

This strategy is actually a continuation of the initiatives and achievements made so far. These breakthroughs in an industry that is growing rapidly are undoubtedly quite beneficial.

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Mohammed Bin Salman, Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia | Credit: AFP Photo

Saudi Arabia plans to implement this strategy through 86 initiatives and 20 government and private entities. These initiatives will be divided into 8 focus areas. These are technology and hardware development, game production, esports, additional services, and other enabling aspects that include infrastructure, regulations, education, and talent acquisition, as well as financing and financial support.

Gaming and esports industry is seen as the fastest growing industry among all media industries and its audience is growing exponentially day by day. This means that this is definitely an area that the countries should focus on. Considering that Saudi Arabia is in an important position between East and West, its future contributions to the game industry, innovations and the benefits it can provide to game developers are quite important.

The esports industry continues to grow day by day. With new investments and strategies, the future of the industry becomes even more secure. Stay on Luckbox to follow all these developments.