s1mple's knife fail at ESL One Cologne costs Na'Vi vs Liquid

Day one of ESL One Cologne 2019 provided us with a lot of entertainment, but in a weird way the fact it was day one made it a touch less interesting, too. It’s not just the endless best-of-one matches that have great import down the line, but even the fact that the players seem aware this isn’t really the tournament yet, and act as such.

In what was the most perfect illustration, perhaps ever, of hubris, youthful confidence and simply the exuberance of playing games for money, the greatest CSGO player of all time decided to have some fun yesterday. At the expense of his team, no less, as s1mple’s decision to attempt a knife kill against Team Liquid when Na’Vi were 15-11 up on dust_2 may have ended up costing his team the series, as it certainly cost them the game.


The defenders of the man instantly pointed out that the only reason Na’Vi were in with a chance of winning that (or frankly any) game was because of the heroics we saw from s1mple, who ended the map at +17. While that is obviously the case, and s1mple himself can probably point to 10 games where the likes of Zeus, Edward or even flamie cost him the win, it was one of those moments CSGO fans, and probably s1mple will remember for some time, even if he played it cool in the interview with Stunna.

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Massive credit must go to nitro, of course, who converted a momentary blunder by the world’s best player into a 1v3 clutch with the AWP that showcased what a special talent the Liquid leader is, but as is often the case the story was s1mple. His team could have been 1-0 up in a series where they went on to win map two and then lose it 2-1 overall, if only he’d shown up to a gunfight with a gun, rather than excessive self-confidence and what appears to be a complete lack of shits to give.

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