Royal Never Give Up wins DPC CN Tour 3 Division I

Royal Never Give Up won Dota Pro Circuit China, where everyone undoubtedly expected PSG.LGD to be the champion. Moreover, the favourites PSG.LGD finished the tour in fourth place.

Let's take a look at the results of the sixth week, the tiebreaker matches and the prize pool.

What happened in week six of the DPC CN Tour 3 Division I?

  • Aster.Aries 2 - 1 Dandelion Esport Club
  • EHOME 2 - 0 Vici Gaming
  • PSG.LGD 2 - 0 Team Aster

Aster.Aries escaped the tiebreaker to stay in Division I with the win, while their rivals Dandelion Esport Club will continue their way in Division II.

The match between EHOME and Vici Gaming was expected to be competitive, but it didn't quite turn out that way. With EHOME's comfortable win, both teams evened out and played a tiebreaker to stay in Division I.

With PSG.LGD's win over Team Aster; Team Aster, Xtreme Gaming, PSG.LGD and Aster.Aries played tiebreaker matches for 2nd-5th place.

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DPC NA Tour 3 Division I tiebreaker matches

Opening matches

  • Team Aster 1 - 0 PSG.LGD
  • Aster.Aries 0 - 1 Xtreme Gaming

Contrary to expectations, Team Aster won against PSG.LGD and secured a top three finish. Xtreme Gaming, on the other hand, was victorious against Aster.Aries.

Loser’s match

  • PSG.LGD 1 - 0 Aster.Aries

PSG.LGD won over Aster.Aries and qualified for the Arlington Major.

Winner’s match

  • Team Aster 1 - 0 Xtreme Gaming

The winners of the opening matches faced off to determine the runner-up. Team Aster took the win, finishing second in the DPC CN Tour 3 Division I.

Decider match

  • PSG.LGD FF - W Xtreme Gaming

PSG.LGD, which was certain to go to the Arlington Major, did not compete for third place. They forfeited against Xtreme Gaming citing "preparing for upcoming overseas tournaments" as the reason.

6th-7th match

  • EHOME 2 - 1 Vici Gaming

Vici Gaming, one of the leading Dota 2 teams, will fight in Division II in the next tour with EHOME's comeback.

Prize pool

A prize pool of $205,000 was distributed to eight teams taking part in DPC China. Successful teams also qualified to the Arlington Major and earned DPC points.

Place Team USD Seed DPC Points
1st Royal Never Give Up $30,000 Arlington Major/Division I 500
2nd Team Aster $28,000 Arlington Major/Division I 300
3rd Xtreme Gaming $27,000 Division I 200
4th PSG.LGD $26,000 Division I 100
5th Aster.Aries $25,000 Division I 50
6th EHOME $24,000 Division I -
7th Vici Gaming $23,000 Division II -
8th Dandelion Esport Club $22,000 Division II -


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