Royal Never Give Up: defending champions of MSI

MSI 2022 has started and we have just witnessed how strong RNG is, showing their muscles against weaker opponents in the group. However, the MSI 2021 champions and Worlds 2021 quarter-finalists are definitely a favourite in Busan. Well, China, because they can’t attend the tournament in person due to China’s quarantine policies.

For RNG to attend, every team fighting at MSI 2022 are playing with a ping higher than what you would expect from a LAN tournament but ask anyone in the tournament, and they will tell you that it is a pain that is worth having LPL participants here at MSI. Probably other than PSG Talon, RED Canids and Istanbul Wildcats, the three teams that have to take on the fury of Chinese champions.

RNG’s journey to MSI 2022

Royal Never Give Up’s journey didn’t look so great at the start of the year. There were rumours of the owners selling RNG because of debts and issues. However, they announced it was all false, brought in a superstar top laner, Bin, and moved Xiaohu back to mid lane in preparation for the spring split. There were a number of great teams in the LPL, but with the addition of Bin, RNG was somewhere at the top.

Starting with a loss against FPX that was fairly weakened during the offseason, RNG fans were shocked, but the team improved every single day and managed to impress the LPL fanatics. Together with Victory Five, they were one of the two teams that looked the strongest, and secured a top two finish, although it was a close one.

The playoffs were even more chaotic at LPL, but RNG became the first team to win the Chinese league coming from the winners bracket in a long time now. Top Esports took down V5 for RNG, and they did make RNG suffer in the finals but a 3-2 victory ensured that RNG could show up and defend their title at MSI 2022.

What to expect from RNG?

RNG has a very strong roster that has been playing together for a long time now. With the addition of a top laner with a lot of firepower, they are even more dangerous.

Bin was great in Suning if you remember. He has matured every single year and made use of the experience he gets fairly well, he is one of the most improved players in the LPL recently. Bin played 11 different champions this year and Gwen and Gnar are his deadliest picks. His most valuable contribution was to put an end to the chaos inside RNG, send Xiaohu back to mid and solve the top lane problem.

Although Xiaohu really is a pain, GALA is the gate-keeper you have to go through in the late game against Royal Never Give Up. As all ADCs did in MSI, he made use of hypercarries during the spring season, and if he gets Aphelios or Jinx, you better hide.

Ming, the long-standing castle on the bot lane of RNG. With Ming’s guidance and skill by his side, GALA never has to worry about losing the lane. Ming has a great grasp of the current meta supports such as Nautilus, Leona or Renata Glasc, and you will probably see him on those engage supports during MSI 2022.

Wei is another source of firepower for RNG. Similarly to Oner, he is proficient in playing off-tank junglers that are the main or secondary engage sources for the team. Xin Zhao, Viego, Lee Sin, Volibear, anything you give him in the current meta will pose a real threat for the enemy, you can’t outdraft Wei.


The belle of the ball is clear though: Xiaohu. The Chinese superstar has been the main source of leadership and character for the team since Uzi left, aside from being the main source of damage and carry potential. He has been taking the burden for so long and he looks quite good at that. It can even be argued that Uzi’s presence in the team pulled back Xiaohu.

You liked him before or not, Xiaohu has been a different player since 2021. He went to top lane for the good of his team, and even while he played against top-class top laners like Nuguri, 369 or Flandre, he was one of the top laners who didn’t hesitate to take responsibility, pick Lucian and carry the game.

Carrying all that experience over to mid lane, now with an even stronger top lane who also has the ability to carry, Xiaohu is an all-new threat. You might be surprised at his capability during MSI 2022. Take notes.

When does Royal Never Give Up play?

RNG played their first game against the Istanbul Wildcats, defeating them in a dominating fashion. Right now, you can check out the rest of the games of RNG during the group stage below:

May 11, Wednesday
RNG (1.06) vs PSG Talon (6.30) - 15:00 CEST

May 12, Thursday
RNG (1.06) vs RED Canids (7.00) - 13:00 CEST

May 13, Friday
RNG (1.08) vs Istanbul Wildcats (6.60) - 09:00 CEST
RNG (1.06) vs RED Canids (7.00) - 11:00 CEST
RNG (1.17) vs PSG Talon (4.40) - 13:00 CEST

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